'Apex Legends' Dust to Dust Explained - FNG, Darion, Durado, Ash & Olympus

Apex Legends' Broken Ghost quest is finally complete, with a lore-drenched epilogue called Dust to Dust. While the final chapter prompts far more investigation than it resolves, here's what we know about all the big questions fans may be asking after witnessing those final moments.

What does FNG mean: At the start of Chapter 9 Bangalore says "truth is, this time, I was the FNG." While not exactly a serious lore reveal, that phrase means "fu--ing new guy." In this instance, Bangalore essentially calls herself a noob for giving away Loba's position which leads to her final confrontation with Revenant. Now if you hear the phrase FNG again you know exactly what's going on.

apex legends loba dust to dust
'Apex Legends' Season 5 lore ends with Dust to Dust, but is Loba's story over? Read our recap below. 'Apex Legends' is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA

What about Ash: Over the course of the Season 5 narrative, players have been building the head of Ash. In Titanfall and Apex Legends lore, Ash is a sub-boss once hired by the brainchild of the Apex Games, Kuben Blisk. She was a lieutenant until her defeat on Typhon, which would ultimately lead to her being rebuilt by Vinson Dynamics. In Dust to Dust, Loba discovers an underground cavern many years later and places Ash's head on a barely usable body. Through the mission, we hear these scattered lines of dialogue from her digital corpse.

"Do you hear me, Pilot? Alpha Gate. Thirty-seven. Forty-nine. Twenty-three. Nine. Hike. Who doesn't like ice cream? Every kid likes ice cream. Beta gate. Tango to Quebec. Juliet ate/eight Romeo. Oscar won/one Whiskey. Duardo! Darion! Failsafe, failsafe, who's got the failsafe? Delta Gate. Comma. Niner. Question Mark. Ampersand. Four. Five. Period. Delta Gate. Comma. Niner. Question Mark. Ampersand. Four. Five. Period. Ah. Just a wee bit of betrayal before breakfast, eh, dearie? Gamma Gate. Five across. Five down. Five by Fii--i-i-ve. Six. Eight. Two. Four. One. Oh. Eight. Six. Nine. Two. Four. Four. Two. Oh. Eight. One. One. Oh. Nine. Five. Two. Seven. Eight. One. One. X equals the temperature of the negative space, not the specimen itself. Do you fear me, Pilot? Alpha Gate. Thirty-seven. Forty-nine. Twenty-three. Nine. Hike.

"All roads... All roads lead to Branthium. Ashes-to-ash. Ashes-to-ash. Ashes-to-ash. Ash... To ashes. The path ends here. Welcome... to Olympus."

As for what this means, unfortunately even the most dedicated of internet sleuths haven't begun to solve the intricacies of that mystery. There's lots of discussion that this dialogue suggests Ash might somehow be a playable Legend in Season 6, but she certainly doesn't look to be in fighting shape at the moment.

Pretty sure that's Nova's legend icon. pic.twitter.com/92AoxOI3j6

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) June 23, 2020

That being said, it's possible Ash might have some relation to Nova, who has been the focus of recent leaks. Nova is a flight-based Legend with perks that include faser skydiving, hovering and the ability to redeploy her squad. Some of these advantages mesh well with the flight rhetoric referenced in Ash's gibberish and her military history. Do phrases like "do you fear me pilot" refer to flight? Is she talking about mechs? Is this a sign Ash's consciousness might soon make its way into a new body? We'll likely have to wait to know the truth.

The Basics of Olympus: Ash's dialogue directs the Legends to Olympus which, for all intents and purposes, sounds like the site of the next Apex Legends map. The dialogue tells us Olympus is the home planet of Lifeline and Octane, and it's also where Loba's parents were killed. Apex fans have made their way through Kings Canyon and World's Edge for a while now, so Season 6 feels ripe for the debut of a new location.

Who are Darion and Duardo: At the end of Dust to Dust, Lifeline and Octane seem to be very nervous that Ash utters the names Darion and Durado. Unfortunately, while this is probably the biggest question heading into Season 6, there's no established lore indication of who these characters might be. Alongside Nova, presumed Season 6 leaks have also referenced a character named Rampart that can repair drones and has a personal turret.

apex legends octane lifeline
Why are Lifeline and Octane so scared of Darion and Durado? Respawn Entertainment/EA

Given what little evidence exists today, maybe Durado and Darion are alternate names for Nova and Rampart. Could there be two Legends set to debut alongside the next Battle Pass? Might we be getting the first peek at Season 7? As of right now, nobody outside Respawn understands the true nature of Darion and Durado. That's all we know about Apex Legends Season 6 following the debut of Dust to Dust.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What do you expect to see during Apex Legends Season 6? Who are Darion and Durado? Tell us in the comments section!