'Apex Legends' Grand Soirée New Event Art Deco Skins Revealed

Apex Legends Grand Soirée runs January 14 through January 28, with seven limited-time modes rotating every two days. Following the announcement of the basic concept and a sneak peek at some of its offerings on Thursday, we now know several of the skins players will be able to purchase and unlock during the event period. Most of these cosmetics require real-world money, but there are some freebies too.

Apex Legends Grand Soirée Free Skins

In order to fully understand which skins the Grand Soirée offers for free, it helps to know how the event is scored. Each of the seven limited-time modes will have its own list of challenges worth 1,000 points each. The following unlockables, then, will be made available for passing certain point thresholds.

Peacekeeper Poacher [500 Points]

apex legends grand soirée peacekeeper poacher skin
The Grand Soirée Peacekeeper Poacher skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Mirage Skin [750 Points]

apex legends grand soirée fancy mirage skin
The Grand Soirée Fancy Mirage skin that can be unlocked for free Respawn Entertainment/EA

R-301 Magna [2,000 Points]

apex legends grand soirée r301 magna skin
The Grand Soirée R-301 Magna skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Havok Spearmint [5,500 Points]

apex legends grand soirée havok spearmint skin
The Grand Soirée Havok Spearmint skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Especially as players progress toward the R-301 and Havok, there's quite a bit of grinding to be done. That's why it may help to take advantage of the Bonus Scoring Weekend, which runs January 17 at 1 p.m. EST through January 20 at 1 p.m. EST. During that time, new challenges will be made available worth an additional 500 points.

Paid Art Deco Skins

For those with a little more money in their wallets, the following skins can also be purchased at the shop for $5 on a rotating basis.

Fancy Pathfinder

apex legends grand soirée pathfinder skin
'Apex Legends' Grand Soirée begins January 14. This Pathfinder skin will be one of many available to buy. 'Apex Legends' is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Bloodhound

apex legends grand soirée bloodhound skin
A concealed look at the Fancy Bloodhound Grand Soirée skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Wattson

apex legends grand soirée wattson skin
The Fancy Wattson Grand Soirée skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Lifeline

apex legends grand soirée lifeline skin
The Grand Soirée Fancy Lifeline skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Bangalore

apex legends grand soirée bangalore skin
The Grand Soirée Fancy Bangalore skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Caustic

apex legends grand soirée wattson caustic skin
The Grand Soirée Fancy Caustic skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Octane

apex legends grand soirée octane skin
The Grand Soirée Fancy Octane skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fancy Crypto

apex legends grand soirée crypto skin
The Grand Soirée Fancy Crypto skin Respawn Entertainment/EA

These are all the skin designs confirmed in the Grand Soirée trailer, but there may be more revealed over the two-week affair. It's worth noting that six new Legendary skins will be making their way to the Apex Pack pool as well, allowing players to potentially unlock them for free at random. If you'd rather not grind, those will also be made available for direct purchase in the shop.

As detailed in Thursday's announcement trailer, the Apex Legends Grand Soirée brings several game modes to the popular battle royale. Some of these return from prior festivities, while most are totally new.

  • Gold Rush Duos: Gold weapons only with you and a friend
  • Third-Person mode: A classic out of body experience
  • Armed and Dangerous World's Edge: Shotguns and Snipers with limited armor
  • Kings Canyon After Dark: Play on Kings Canyon at night
  • Dummies Big Day: This game ain't gonna test itself
  • Live Die Live: Automatically spawn on living squadmates when the ring closes
  • Always Be Closing: Keep on the move from a big ring that won't slow down

That's all we know about the Grand Soirée for now, but we'll likely learn more when the event kicks off on Tuesday.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on these Grand Soirée event skins? Are any of them worth the $5 price? Tell us in the comments section!