'Apex Legends' Horizon Leak Reveals Video of Possible Season 7 Legend

Apex Legends' Aftermarket event went live Tuesday morning, and with it dataminers have uncovered what could be a first look at the new Legend for Season 7. Despite ongoing rumors about a character named Valk, there's a new video and data strings for someone else called Horizon. The evidence arrives courtesy of prominent miner Biast12, on Twitter.

apex legends horizon leak
'Apex Legends' leakers may have found the Season 7 Legend. A recently datamined video shows off a character named Horizon. 'Apex Legends' is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA

Below is the third and final video in a series of Horizon teasers that will presumably make their way to the game in the near future. It shows a futuristic Apex Legends camera device being picked up by Horizon and subsequently placed on a tripod in front of the character. Pen in hand, she appears to be explaining some sort of instructions to the player. Unfortunately, however, because there's no audio, we can't hear what she's saying.

challenges_char_03 // Horizon Challenges video 3 pic.twitter.com/DymGmQmPfw

— Biast12 (Tobias) (@Biast12) October 6, 2020

Those instructions might be tied to a series of challenges, which players could get a special badge for finishing.

Horizon even got a badge pic.twitter.com/Bpk99FqzTI

— Biast12 (Tobias) (@Biast12) October 6, 2020

In case the video wasn't quite enough, Respawn has even added a character icon for Horizon as well.

Horizon got an icon in the files! pic.twitter.com/BHhGTNfoT6

— Biast12 (Tobias) (@Biast12) October 6, 2020

This development is quite interesting to the Apex Legends leak community that has long insisted a Legend named Valk would be next to join the lineup. Given this new discovery, Biast12 admits it "looks like Horizon could be the next, even though it goes against everything to my knowledge." Though despite the image and video proof, it's worth noting we don't yet have a confirmed list of Horizon abilities to go by.

With that omission in mind, we'd like to suggest the possibility that Valk and Horizon might actually be the same character. Our first look at Valk comes from an old leak dating back quite a few years, in which Rampart and the unreleased character were listed in the "design alpha" phase. We see that the figure appears to have some relation to skydiving and flight, and their leaked abilities second this notion. They were, at some point in development, able to skydive faster, hover and bring enemies back to the skies after deployment. Read the full ability descriptions below.

  • Afterburners: Valk and her teammates skydive faster after the initial drop.
  • VTOL Jets: Hold a button to hover.
  • Skyward [Ultimate]: Valk and nearby allies take to the skies after a short countdown.

Not only does the name Horizon clearly relate to that concept of flight and hovering, but her style does as well. In the leaked clip, she has goggles and appears to be wearing some sort of flight suit. She also has a contraption on her back, which could very well be a jetpack she uses for a presumed hover ability. In other words, as the Season 7 launch date nears, we wouldn't be surprised if some of the flies currently tied to Valk are renamed or repurposed for Horizon.

As with all leaks, however, the source material and our analysis of it should be taken with a grain of salt. This is especially true given how Respawn has tricked dataminers in the past by including files for Forge before shockingly killing him off. With that in mind, it's possible these Horizon clues might be hints that actually lead nowhere. At the very least, it's exciting to get a possible first glimpse at what Season 7 might offer.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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