'Apex Legends' Leaks Reveal Some Old Ways Event Skins & Charms

Apex Legends is set to host The Old Ways Lore Event from April 7 through April 21, and, while most of the official details were revealed by Respawn over the last few days, leaks from the game's latest update offer a sneak peak at some of the skins and charms players can expect to unlock and buy over the course of the festivities. The news arrives courtesy of iLootGames on YouTube, whose latest upload features two character skins, two weapon skins and a few charms believed to be tied to the event.

apex legends bloodhound old ways event skins
'Apex Legends' The Old Ways Lore Event begins April 7, but leaks reveal a couple skins early. Will you be getting new outfits for Bloodhound, Wraith or Wattson? 'Apex Legends' is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA

The skins can be seen in full via the clip below, but here's a recap of the findings.

  • Viking Wattson Skin: The first, and perhaps best, leak in the set is this new Viking-inspired Wattson design. She's covered in Viking glyphs, and her eyes appear to be weirdly absent. Gone is her trademark blue stare in favor of something much weirder. This may just be a glitch in an unfinished model, but it certainly caught our attention nonetheless. If you like your Wattson with a little dirt and grime, this skin may be worth its believed $5 asking price.
  • Wraith Recolor: This skin existed under different hues, and Respawn appears to be selling it for $18 during the Old Ways event. She's got neat blue markings on her legs and has ditched her blond hair for something darker. That bone piece on her back is pretty cool too.
  • Epic Prowler Skin: There's a new look for the Prowler, with animations and glyphs that fade in on the design as the gun is used.
  • Epic EVA-8 Skin: This new design has tons of green and gold accents, alongside etchings of a bear and Bloodhound's trademark ax. Animated snowflakes fade in as the gun is used.
  • Owl Charm: We've seen this charm as part of the event announcement, but it's still part of the latest available update files. If you grind for points, you can get this charm for free.
  • Horn Charm: There's also an additional charm that looks like it could be the horn of a Prowler or Goliath. Maybe completing Bloodhound's new trials unlocks this charm.
  • Viking Ship Charm: A charm that looks like a Viking ship.
  • Shield Charm: This looks like a classic Viking shield.
  • Young Blood: In case you haven't seen it, the video also showcases the Young Blood Bloodhound skin that Respawn officially revealed via social media on Friday. It's the young version of Bloodhound as seen in the latest episode of "Stories from the Outlands."

For those who've yet to hear the news, Apex Legends' the Old Ways event begins on Tuesday, adding a permanent Duos queue, a beastly PvE encounter called Bloodhound's Trials, the ability to select between Kings Canyon and World's Edge and a brand-new Prize Track for players to unlock special goodies like the ones described above. These skins are included in older update files, but the vast majority of the new material will likely be featured in an update to be released Tuesday afternoon. We'll do our best to keep you posted on the patch notes as soon as they go live.

apex legends old ways skins
These skins can be bought during the Old Ways event Respawn/EA

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Old Ways Lore Event begins April 7, likely around 1 p.m. EDT.

What are your thoughts on the Old Ways event after checking out these leaked skins? Will you be spending any money to get the new cosmetics? Tell us in the comments section!