'Apex Legends' Season 5 Leaks - Loba, Mirage Rework & Everything We Know

Apex Legends Season 5 is set to begin May 12 at 1 p.m. EDT, but there's a lot we know about the upcoming update ahead of its release. While not all leaks point to immediate feature inclusions, here are six substantial details that seem likely to be part of the next Battle Pass.

apex legends rosie
'Apex Legends' Season 5 may finally feature tbe debut of Loba. Leaks suggest she's grown up and coming soon. 'Apex Legends' is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA

1) Loba: Loba has been on the minds of Apex dataminers since the early days of 2019, and it looks like she's finally ready to make her debut. When Revenant made his surprise entrance in January, his trailer told the story of a Portuguese girl whose crime-family parents were assassinated by the hired help. When Season 5 begins, players will finally be able to control Loba in all her glory. Here are her abilities as we know them so far.

  • Burglar's Best Friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location.
  • Supply for Demand [passive]: Hold [button] to choose a type of loot. Reveal that type of loot in the area around you through walls.
  • Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all enemy loot.
  • Eye for Quality [passive]: Loba can see nearby loot through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.

Obviously not all of these abilities will make it to the final game, but they offer a solid indication of how Loba will play. You can see her leaked model in the video embedded above.

2) Mirage Rework: Mirage has been stinking up Apex Legends lobbies for months, but sources inside and outside Respawn indicate the defunct character is getting a big makeover. After some accidental buffs in recent updates, Respawn Lead Game Designer Carlos Pineda confirmed on Twitter that changes to the trickster are in the works.

apex legends mirage
After the Season 5 update, Mirage may not be a joke character anymore. Respawn Entertainment/EA

Dataminers suggest the updated Mirage could make his debut in Season 5, and he will have the Emergency Dance Party Ultimate seen in the Dummies' Big Day limited-time mode. With that ability, DUMMIEs could spawn five identical decoys that move exactly like the source. This is essentially an upgrade to Mirage's existing cloning Ultimate.

3) Reconnect: Apex Legends doesn't have server issues on a constant basis, but they happen more often than they should. To better address these shortcomings, fans have been clamoring for a reconnect button. Datamines and official blog posts confirm the feature will release during Season 5.

"As we work on stability and systems like Loss Forgiveness that help make it more forgiving to play ranked and really focus on your climb, we wanted to offer even more ways to recover from crashes or internet outages. We're happy to announce that reconnect is coming in Season 5," the source post reads. With this feature, shoddy servers might still be able to bring you back into the game.

4) Volt SMG: While the Volt SMG was originally tapped for possible inclusion in the Season 4 Battle Pass, fans are nearly certain this gun will be the featured weapon of Season 5. Originating from Titanfall 2, this energy-based weapon fires blue tracers instead of bullets. It's got a slow rate of fire and time to kill, but it makes up for that weakness with its great accuracy. It's also fired from the hip as well, which makes it an interesting choice for run-and-gun gameplay.

titanfall 2 apex legends volt smg
The Volt SMG may finally make its debut in Season 5. Respawn Entertainment/EA

As far as datamines are concerned, the Volt is one of the most complete guns still yet to be released. Recent evidence, however, has surfaced alternate skins for the weapon. There wouldn't be much of a reason to add skins for a weapon unless it was releasing soon.

5) Class Passives: Apex Legends features four classes for Offensive, Defensive, Support and Recon. Leaks from last month make that facet more interesting, as evidence for so-called Class Passives has emerged. This means all characters in a given class get a special Passive Ability. Here are the abilities we know so far.

  • Support [Lifeline, Loba?]: Find extra supplies inside blue supply bins.
  • Recon [Bloodhound, Crypto, Pathfinder]: Scan the Survey Beacons littered on the map to reveal the next circle's location.
  • Defensive [Gibraltar, Caustic, Wattson]: Restore Shields to revived squadmates.
  • Offensive [Wraith, Mirage, Octane, Revenant]: Two special inventory slots for grenades.

This sounds like a complex feature so we could see it being bumped from Season 5, but the data strings suggest key details are being filled in.

6) Flag Drone: These little buggers are essentially the Tick Grenade from Titanfall 2. Datamines from as far back as March 2019 suggest they could be added to the game. The Frag Drone scurries off to find a nearby enemy and attempts to explode in their vicinity. In many ways these drones act as a homing grenade. This feature has been left on the cutting room floor for quite a while, but miners think Season 5 could finally be its time to shine.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Season 5 begins May 12.

What do you hope to see in Apex Legends Season 5? Are you excited for Loba's debut? Tell us in the comments section!