'Apex Legends' Titans Leak? Sound Files May Have Clues About Potential DLC Release

Are Titans coming to Apex Legends? A new leak claims to have evidence that the massive mechs are on the way. Read on for more details.

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe but still doesn't include any giant robots. Players do fall out of sky before landing on the map, but they do so with jetpacks and not armored hulks of sheet metal and steam. Those addicted to Respawn's battle royale have been begging for the chance to pilot a Titan and, if data miners are to believed, it looks like Titans may be on their way to Apex Legends.

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Could Titans be coming to Apex legends? Respawn

Titans in Apex Legends?

According to GamingINTEL, players have found a way to manipulate the game and hear unreleased audio files. You can hear Pathfinder saying "Titan" multiple times and the phrases "Stalker," "Reapers" and "Spectres." These are all types of Titans in past Titanfall games, enemy grunts that players can blow to smithereens. The site also found allusions to A.I. controlled "bots" in the code, which could mean that these types of Titans will be enemies the player has to deal with.

How a tiny Pathfinder buddy bot will fight a 5-story hulking behemoth is still unclear, but players are hoping that this means they'll soon be able to pilot a Titan of their very own. Game balance issues come with introducing such a powerful vehicle into a battle royale game where skill and planning are supposed to be rewarded. Though the genre is built on RNG and luck in what gear you'll find, battle royales succeed when players feel their wins are just deserved.

"As for the titans themselves, they were just an incredibly unbalancing force on the game," Respawn Executive Producer Drew McCoy told Game Informer . "The problem with that is once you get them balance and they're not destroying the integrity of the of game, they're no fun."

Apex Legends should learn from other battle royales that have introduced overpowered weapons The Infinity Blade in Fortnite was introduced early in Season 7 and was immediately despised by the competitive player base. Kills were easy to rack up when you can just leap through the air and slam the ground with your human-sized blade.

With the Apex Legends Battle Pass releasing soon, possibly even today, all eyes are on Respawn's battle royale. If Titans were to be introduced, it would be one way to keep the game fresh without resorting to cheap marketing gimmicks or by reworking the title.

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