MacBook Pro Battery Replacement: How to Check If You're Eligible to Get One for Free

Apple customers who bought a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, made between October 2016 and October 2017 and without the touch bar, may be in luck if the battery in the device either expanded or is faulty. Apple is offering to replace eligible batteries in certain devices at no cost, according to the site.

The program is similar to the one Apple announced for iPhone batteries that were failing. The company is replacing out-of-warranty batteries for just $29 for eligible phones through December 2018.

Apple's website says that the computer battery is not a safety hazard but that it would conduct the replacements free of charge anyway. But before MacBook Pro owners get too excited about the prospect of a new battery, they should check online to see whether or not their device is one of those impacted.

A serial number checker is available on Apple's site to show users whether or not their computer is eligible for the replacement.

How to check whether your MacBook Pro is eligible for a free new battery from Apple

Anyone who thinks their device might be one of those with the possibly faulty units should first locate the serial number on their device. There are a number of ways users can find the serial number. Users can find the serial number, printed physically on their device, by navigating to "About This Mac" on the device, or on their device's original packaging or receipt from Apple.

To find the number in "About This Mac," users should choose the Apple symbol from the menu and then click "About This Mac." The computer model and serial number are listed there.

Once owners have the serial number for the device, they should input it to the serial number checker available on Apple's site.

If the device is eligible, users will be able to choose a way to have it serviced through Apple: either at an authorized service provider and Apple retail store or repair center. The service can take up to five days, so users should be prepared to be computerless for a bit.

Anyone who owns one of the 13-inch MacBooks and previously paid to have the battery replaced can check with Apple about whether or not they are eligible for a refund for that paid service.

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Apple announced last week that certain MacBook Pro models are eligible for free battery replacements. Kimihiro Hoshino/Getty Images