Apple Watch Saves Man's Life After He Falls From Electric Bike

A man in California has his Apple Watch to thank for saving his life after he fell off his electric bike, authorities said Tuesday.

The device, which he was wearing around his wrist, initiated an emergency 911 call after the rider fell unconscious in Hermosa Beach on January 22.

According to the Hermosa Beach Police Department, at around 1:30 a.m. local time, officers responded to the 300 block of 29th Street after the gadget alerted them that the "owner of this watch has taken a hard fall."

According to local news outlet Fox 11, when the officers arrived at the location, they found a man lying in the road next to the electric bike with his head bleeding profusely.

He was helped at the scene by police before being taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The man was released several days later.

Police also explained that the incident appeared to be an accident, despite that fact that several posts on social media claimed the injuries were sustained during an attack or crime.

Officials did not specify what the social media posts were claiming.

This is not the first time an Apple Watch has potentially saved someone's life.

In December 2021, a woman from Abilene, Texas, revealed that her device called 911 when she slipped and fell unconscious in a hotel.

"I lost my balance, tripped and then fell face first into the hotel room dresser," Bayla Belle Christianson told local news outlet KTXS12.

"And I actually knocked myself completely out. And so I was not moving for over a minute.

"And what happened was my Apple watch, I had just set up fall detection this Thanksgiving, even though I've had this for about a year, and because it didn't move because it detected the hard fall. And then I didn't move for 60 seconds. It actually called 911."

In June 2021, a woman in Arizona was told to call for medical assistance after her watch detected her heart rate rising while on a walk.

Yolie De Leon, a Tucson native, told Fox TV that she decided to check her device after feeling a fluttering sensation in her chest.

She revealed: "It said my heart rate was at 174. It said 'you are an AFib' and said 'call your doctor immediately.'"

Apple's Fall Detection feature initiates a call to emergency services after 60 seconds if no movement has been detected.

In September 2020, Apple released a video—titled "Apple Watch—The Device That Saved Me"—which showcased stories of people who had been helped in emergencies because they wore the digital watch.

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A stock image of a person checking their Apple Watch. A California man owes his life to the device because it phoned emergency services after he fell off his electric bike, authorities said. iStock