Apple Plans To Shut Down iTunes, Bloomberg Says

Days ahead of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), reports are swirling that the technology giant will discontinue services through its digital music store, iTunes, and replace with three new applications.

The conference, which is scheduled to begin on Monday, is expected to be the first step in moving Apple Inc. in a new generation of devices and software. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and other leaders will unveil updates to the brand's operating systems, a Bloomberg report said on Friday.

One of the anticipated changes will largely affect Mac users, as it involves shuttering iTunes, which has since 2001 housed users' music, television and podcast libraries. In the future, three new apps for Mac will be introduced—Music, TV and Podcasts—to match the format already employed on iPhones and iPads.

People took to Twitter on Friday with concerns and grievances about the forthcoming shutdown. At least one user asked if their purchased music from iTunes will transfer to the Music app without having to pay for the Apple Music streaming service. Another inquired about the fate of unused iTunes gift cards. Apple Support began answering questions on Twitter almost immediately.

iTunes aside, the new generation may include a more independent Apple Watch (which currently depends on iPhones to run), iPads with more advanced software, applications that comply with any Apple device, augmented reality (AR) and more innovative personal healthcare management features—according to Bloomberg.

With regard to revamping other core applications, the report said that the company is preparing revamps of the Reminders app and planning to tweak Maps, Messages, Apple Books, Home and Mail. It also cited a potential amalgamation of Find my iPhone and Find my Friends.

While the report says the company likely won't unveil a new Apple Watch or iPhone hardware just yet, it may preview the new Mac Pro at the conference.

Earlier this week, Apple released its new iPod touch that apparently offers improved performance in games, immersive AR experiences and Group FaceTime.

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