April Fools' Pranks Parents Can Play On Their Kids

Looking to pull an April Fools' Day joke on your kids? Here are some silly but family-friendly pranks you can easily stage.

Freeze their breakfast

Pour milk into a bowl of cereal and place it in the freezer overnight before serving it in the morning. Your kids will have a hard time digging into their breakfast.

...or their phones

If you can manage to pry your kid away from their mobile phone for a moment, take a screenshot of the phone screen and make it their screen saver. This will create the illusion that the phone is frozen and may send your child into a brief meltdown when they try to access it.

Add salt to a toothbrush

Sprinkle some salt on your child's toothbrush to give them a zesty kick while brushing their teeth. The salt will easily blend in with the bristles of the toothbrush, so your kids will be none the wiser.

...or cream cheese

Add a dash of cream cheese instead of toothpaste on your child's toothbrush before handing it to them to brush their teeth.

Swap sugar with salt

Put salt inside the sugar container and any kids sneakily trying to add some sugar to their cereal or other food will be in for a salty surprise. Beware that kids may get back at their parents by pulling the same trick on adults reaching for sugar to put in their morning coffee.

...or Doritos with vegetable chips

Open a bag of Doritos (or any one of your child's favorite snacks) and replace the contents with baked vegetable chips or other healthier options before carefully resealing the bag. This may be a way to sneak healthier snacks into your child's diet on any given day.

Offer some meaty cupcakes

Instead of the traditional cake mix, pour meatloaf inside cupcake cups before baking them in the oven. Cover the meatloaf cupcakes with icing, sprinkles and any other cupcake decorations and offer it to your kids as a sweet treat.

...or brown E's

Cut out pieces of brown construction paper in the shape of the letter E. Place them on a dessert platter to offer your kids some "brown E's."

Color the tap water

Add food coloring to the inside of the faucet using a Q-tip and your kids will be surprised with a color splash when using the sink or bathtub.

Balloon pillows

Replace the pillows on your child's bed with partially-inflated balloons inside the pillowcases. Your kids will be in for a squishy and noisy awakening when they plop down on their pillows at bedtime.

Cereal boxes New York 2019
Several boxes of cereal seen on the shelves of a grocery store in New Rochelle, New York, pictured in January 2019. Pour milk into a bowl of cereal and place it in the freezer overnight before serving it to your kids on April Fools' Day. Don Emmert/AFP via Getty Images