April the Giraffe Pregnant, Live Cam: Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Expecting Again

Giraffe and internet sensation April deserved some congratulations Wednesday morning.

April, who lives at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York is pregnant again, the park's owner Jordan Patch announced on the Today show on Wednesday. Her last pregnancy captured the attention of more than a million people, who eagerly awaited the birth of her calf Tajiri in 2017. The video of Tajiri's birth now has more than 15 million views on YouTube.

"The results are in, and we are having a baby," said Patch.

The park announced in June that they were sending off samples of April's feces that were collected over a month-long period for testing. Those samples were sent away to a laboratory in the hopes that April might be expecting. A simple ultrasound couldn't be done because giraffes have such thick skin that it can be difficult to get an image and see if there is a baby possibly growing.

"As you know, it's quite a saga and quite a journey anytime we're expecting a giraffe calf here at Animal Adventure, and let today mark day one of this journey for a possible calf in 2019," Patch said in that June announcement about the possible calf.

April was in her pen at Animal Adventure Park when the news was announced Wednesday and yes, a live stream is currently available of her and the other giraffes at the park. A few thousand people were watching Wednesday morning, a small audience compared to the number who watched last time the giraffe was due.

April and another giraffe at the park, 7-year-old Oliver, mated to create Tajiri, and the two are now expecting once again. Patch said the two were successful in conceiving, but that it won't be until the calf is born that little Tajiri will know whether he's getting a brother or sister.

There's no exact date yet for when 17-year-old April may have her baby. "We're not gonna release a date just yet," Patch said. "Right now we're pegging her for a birth in early spring, so we're looking around that March window," he said on the Today show.

Most giraffes give birth after about 15 months, but April tends to keep the bun in the oven a bit longer. "April likes to go 16, 17, 18, 19 months," Patch said. While Patch wouldn't disclose how far along April is currently, he said, "She's in there," and gave the March window as a time for the baby watch to begin.

A newborn giraffe follows its mother outside for the first time at Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo in Amsterdam on April 17. April the giraffe, who lives at Animal Adventure Park in New York state, is pregnant. Robin van Lonkhuijsen