It was a moment of grace that captured the attention of nearly the entire country. April, America’s beloved and favorite giraffe and star of the Adventure Park Zoo in Harpursville, New York, gave birth to her fourth child in, well, April. Millions of people watched her nearly two-and-a-half-hour labor online, and they surely would tune in again if April should ever birth a fifth baby giraffe.

Don’t make plans for viewing parties just yet, but the zoo might be prepping for a special delivery. Appearing on Good Morning America Thursday, Jordan Patch, the owner of Adventure Park Zoo and April’s zookeeper, hinted there might be another addition to April’s family.

“I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy,” Patch said. “Are we ready for another giraffe cam, world? You tell me.”

Earlier this year, April’s previous pregnancy was the talk of the town for 65 days. Her YouTube feed went viral in February. But the site pulled it down after someone reported the live feed for “sexually explicit” content.

YouTube restored the feed in March, leading people to tune in daily for a chance to see her give birth. By the time the month of April rolled around, the giraffe’s livestreamed pregnancy was attracting thousands of viewers.

Then, finally, on April 15, the giraffe welcomed a baby boy, which was named Tajiri, which means “hope” in Swahili.

Patch told GMA that 7-month old Tajiri is growing up just fine and is already about 10-feet in height. “[April is] obviously very in tune to him and protective of him, but she’s also allowing him to take on that independent trait that he has, which definitely comes from his father.”

April and Tajiri attract swarms of people to the zoo each day. But Patch said the giraffes were doing just fine and going about their lives as normally as possible.

“From the hundreds of thousands of visitors we’ve seen and even just [Tajiri’s] progress in growth has been remarkably easy and textbook, which has been a blessing,” he said.