Is 'Aquaman' Good or Bad? Fan Reaction Roundup

Aquaman arrives Dec. 21 and tickets just went on sale. If you're an Amazon Prime member there's a chance you could see the film a whole week early. For some, this early promo only adds to concerns the studio is trying to get fans in theaters before lousy reviews emerge, while others see it as a sign of confidence.

So what's the verdict? Is Aquaman good or bad? Of course, there's no way to tell until you go to the theater yourself--criticism of any of DC's movies always seems to be biased, one way or another. So either wait until Dec. 7 when the film releases in China for full reviews, more social media reactions after the red carpet premiere in London on Nov. 26, or judge from the few social media reactions so far if you're looking to buy tickets this week. There have been early fan screenings, media screenings and couple previews overseas. Here's everything we could dig up:

“Warner Bros. China showed 25 mins footage of Aquaman in Beijing premiere. All those are action scenes, so it's hard to say how narration is. But the fight is really good. The best reaction I've seen so far is James Wan give audience the LOTR & The Matrix level battle. A media friend said he loved the tone, "so dark on the ground but so bright in the sea. James Wan is the man who saves DC universe.” Saw a guy who pointed out the negative side he thought: CGI could have been better. He is not very satisfied with what trailer showed but the footage didn't make much difference.”

“Aquaman is my top DC movie now. You heard it here first. First to watch it on the west coast!”

“I can say I have seen #Aquaman I can't talk about details but I can tell you it's a major achievement in film making and storytelling it's a display that Walter Hamada is doing a great job it's evidence that James should direct more DC movies...Considering what happened with Justice League it's a major turn around for this franchise it has a mixture of levity and depth this truly is Star Wars underwater.”

“#Aquaman is a phase 1 MCU film through and through, so if you liked those you’ll love it, if you didn’t you probably won’t get much enjoyment out of Aquaman.”

When a commenter asked if the film was better than the first Iron Man, the user, editor of Geeks Worldwide, said, “Not that good.”

Editor of entertainment site Omega Underground said, “I hear it's good (not great) and that's all we can hope for in the end. I'll take it.”

Batman News spoke to two general audience members and reported “So far two different sources told me they loved #Aquaman! There’s tons of action but it’s a very emotional movie as well.”

“So... about #Aquaman. A reaction from final film:
- It's pretty good! Not groundbreaking, but solid
- Action is good, story is alright
- CGI is decent
- Score is meh
- Mera/Arthur are hit and miss
- Overall, a good film”

“I cannot confirm or deny that I've seen this movie but if I had I would probably say that it's certainly going to be their most well received movie yet. It's tone closely parallels Ant-Man & The Wasp and Thor: Ragnarok and this movie will be liked by the biggest audience, although it will probably suffer from some criticism that it deviates heavily from the original tone of the DCEU to more closely resemble The MCU. But again I reiterate, this would only be my opinion if I had somehow already seen the movie in an advanced screening, which I am not saying I have done…

I would say that it’s not perfect but I did genuinely have fun watching it, Atlantis felt like muuuuch more of a fleshed out world than Themyscira, Orm/Black Manta were far less generic than Mecha-Lupen, and the color pallet was brilliant... so yes I would say that It's better than Wonder Woman IMO, if I had seen it.”