Archer Shoots Tiny Items Including Water Drops and Aspirin in Amazing Videos

TikTok is awash with funny clips, delicious recipes and viral dance routines.

However, one man has found success on the app with a very different tactic; by using it to share his stellar archery skills.

Josh O'Dell, known as Arrow_sniper, has amassed more than 1.7 million followers and 38.1 million likes on videos of him using a bow and arrow to shoot miniscule items out the air—and the internet is very impressed.

In one video, posted on April 24, the professional archer and custom bow maker manages to shoot his arrow through a water droplet, after being challenged by a follower.

In the clip, which can be watched here, O'Dell is knelt down in a grassy area as an upturned plastic bottle drips dyed blue water.

With unfathomable precision we see him shoot through the middle of a water drop.

This slow-motion footage has been viewed more than 125,800 times and surpassed 20,000 likes.

Many people also commented their amazement, including Samantha Hontz who typed: "And it was windy as hell yeah man."

An account called Anonymous added: "This is amazing man keep it up you are amazing."

In another video, which has gone viral with 1.2 million views, the man manages to shoot at a black board through a paper drink straw he has thrown up in the air.

One clearly impressed fan called the clip, which can be watched here, "the most talented thing I have ever seen on this app."

On August 20, the man even shot a wedding ring out of the air and onto the target, and this has so far been watched by a staggering 18 million fans.

Other tricks shots include shooting both a tic tac and an aspirin, among other things.

But, as if that wasn't impressive enough, on July 8 O'Dell shared a clip of him firing one arrow, then immediately reloading his bow to shoot the first one out of the sky.

Of the clip, which can be watched here, a TikToker called Yes demanded: "Join the Olympics already."

Another account that has developed a viral following on TikTok due to precision trick shots is Aircorg.

The videos, posted by pet owner Denny Ku, show a Corgi called Lilo's impressive basketball talent; the pet uses her nose to hit a balloon into various baskets.

The talented animal, who was trained up by Ku during the coronavirus lockdown, has attracted more than 568,500 followers and 15.2 million likes.

Newsweek has contacted O'Dell for comment.

A stock image of a man shooting a bow and arrow. On TikTok an archer has gone viral due to his impressive talents. Getty Images