Are Demi And Kristian Still Together? Spoilers For The Rest or 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Bachelor Nation was torn on the arrival of Kristian Haggerty, Demi Burnett's girlfriend, on Bachelor In Paradise last week. Instead of welcoming the same-sex relationship with open arms, some viewers wanted to see the pair leave the show and explained their potential coupling disrupts the format, and the chances of others to find love on the show. A vocal Twitter war sparked about if, and why, the first same-sex relationship should be celebrated on the franchise, which has only publicized straight relationships since its first season.

Among the voices were more than a handful of supporters who applauded both ABC and the loving couple for bringing their relationship to Bachelor In Paradise viewers, no matter how it began. Those against the couple's time on the show claimed it was unfair because Haggerty wasn't ever on a Bachelor franchise show.

Some compared Burnett's pre-show girlfriend to that of Jed Wyatt, who was engaged to former Bachelorette Hannah Brown before she found out about the recent relationship. Others said it's unfair to bring a non-Bachelor contestant onto the show. Those voices seem to be forgetting the time Ashley Iaconetti brought her sister on the show for a Bachelor In Paradise season.

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett attends the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner at SLS Hotel on May 04, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. John Wolfsohn/Getty

Looking at the topic from any direction, it's dramatic and unnecessarily criticized, sometimes with obviously homophobic intention. Despite the backlash, both Haggerty and Burnett have issued thanks to their supporters since their first episode together aired last Tuesday.

So will their relationship last?

Spoilers say Haggerty and Burnett will stay together throughout Paradise. This, unfortunately, means Derek Peth won't have a shot with Burnett on the show, or after, as some seemingly want to see the short-lived couple reconnect. This also means that the rose ceremony format will change. Host Christ Harrison already teased he'd need to "change the rules" to accommodate the couple.

Burnett and Haggerty, who were in a non-exclusive relationship before the show, will support each other through all of the show's rose ceremonies, according to Reality Steve, and will eventually be one of three couples who gets engaged on the series. Not only is this a Bachelor first in terms of a same-sex relationship, but it naturally marks the first same-sex engagement.

There's no word or implication that the couple has split since filming. It's expected they'll be a long-celebrated couple in Bachelor history. To Reality Steve, though, none of this is to be a giant shock. The blogger explained Burnett spoke with producers about her want to come out on the show before the season filmed, and was expecting Haggerty to show up at some point. Though it is reality TV, the blogger claimed this move was meticulously claimed, and spoken about with all parties before filming.