Are Mark and Jessica Getting Together After Dramatic Finale of 'Love Is Blind'?

Some couples left a door open for a future relationship on the Love Is Blind finale. Mark and Jessica seemed to slam it shut, though, when Jessica left Mark at the altar.

Before she walked away forever on the Netflix reality show, Jessica told Mark that she loves him and that he will "always have a special place" in her heart. But the finale episode didn't show a final conversation between the two, just the pair going home in separate cars.

Jessica and Mark were one couple among many who had the opportunity to get engaged before ever seeing each other in person. After that, they moved in together and even approached marriage. Jessica, however, claimed she "couldn't get there" and wasn't confident enough in the relationship to commit to marriage.

One of the biggest issues in their relationship was age. Mark, who was only 24 at the time of filming, was 10 years younger than Jessica. She had trouble seeing past the age gap, though family and friends showed support.

Love IS Blind
Jessica met Mark on "Love Is Blind" but didn't go through with marriage. Netflix

So will Jessica and Mark get back together after the series? It seems unlikely.

Jessica left the show by admitting that she doesn't believe "love is blind." Instead, she said there are real-world factors that can't be negotiated. Looking at the pair's lives now, they seem to be out of sync. Mark is living in Atlanta, while Jessica is constantly traveling between Chicago and Los Angeles.

Social media may give a big clue. Mark follows Jessica on Instagram, but Jessica does not follow him back. Unlike some other couples, who may have spoiled their own endings by posting similar photos, there are no clear indications that they've spent any time together, or in the same place, since filming ended.

That said, there's no way to know if the pair ever got closure or had a last conversation. Fans will likely see their most important interaction on the Love Is Blind reunion show, which is scheduled to air March 5 on Netflix's YouTube channel.

Despite the intense heartbreak Mark felt when Jessica left him on their wedding day, he claimed that he's taking care of himself. "After the [show], I did a lot of self-reflecting and really dug deep within myself, and I went to therapy," he told Bustle. "This whole experience has taught me how to look more for answers within myself as opposed to seeking them out for other people."

Jessica has no regrets. "I learned a lot about myself through the experiment, so I wouldn't change it for the world," she said. "You're [trying to find] a husband in a matter of 10 days, so you really have to be in a spot where you know what you want and you're emotionally available to commit."