Are Marlins Fans and Derek Jeter at War? Town Hall Disaster Featured Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins Man and Tears

It's probably fair to say Derek Jeter will have easier nights as co-owner of the Miami Marlins than what went down on Tuesday.

Jeter commendably decided to turn up to a Marlins Town Hall Meeting shortly after trading Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees and Marcell Ozuna to the Cardinals.

To state it didn't go well is like saying the Falcons only kind of choked against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The Marlins have decided to suck in the short term and that has understandably made a significant proportion of the fanbase in Miami pretty angry.

The disaffected include Marlins Man, the Miami baseball superfan who was apparently not originally invited to the meeting, according to Andy Slater of Miami radio station 940-AM WINZ. Larry Visors eventually received an invitation and turned up. And Jeter told him he could throw out the first pitch if he bought a ten-year season ticket, according to Slater.

It was that kind of a zany night. CBS reported that the first fan who turned up at the meeting was wearing a Stanton jersey, which is supremely awkward. Will Manso of South Florida news station WLPG Local tweeted, "Fan now crying at the mic while talking to Jeter about Stanton and Ichiro [Suzuki] gone. This has passed the surreal."

The Marlins didn't let media film inside the meeting, but the tweets coming out of it perhaps give an even more technicolor image of the weirdness. Things even turned darkly existential at one point. "Jeter asks fans to be patient. One older man tells him he doesn't have that many more years," Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald tweeted.

The best thing about all of this is that the Marlins promised at the end there will be "many more" meetings like it. All of the horrible baseball that's going to be played at Marlins Park in 2018 and over the next few years should be more than made up for by the surrealism of Jeter versus the team's fanbase.