Are You a Clarissa or an Imogen? Everyone Is a Lady of The House of Worth During Lockdown

Quarantine has become a time of self reflection and realization. Thanks to a meme created by Natania Barron and inspired by Lauren Scribe, Twitter users contemplated their identity as defined by the ladies of the House of Worth while self-isolating.

House of Worth
Which Lady of the House of Worth are you? Twitter

The House of Worth was a French house of high fashion that specialized in haute couture. The house was founded by designer Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. His designs dominated Parisian fashion during the second half of the 19th century, and inspired the (beautifully) sketched meme.

I made this meme today (inspired by @LaurenScribe) and thought I'd share: ladies of the House of Worth in Quarantine. I'm Clarissa.

— Natania Barron 🏳️‍🌈 (@NataniaBarron) April 20, 2020

As stylish as these six women are, they all have their own baggage and quirks. Twitter users flocked to social media and considered which of the ladies of the House of Worth they were most like during lockdown. Many were able to narrow it down to just one, but others found they were a combination of Imogen, Clarissa, Fey, Fanny, Euphronia and Maude.

According to the meme, Imogen enjoyed expensive wine in a teacup. She also had cats hiding in her skirts and hat. Imogen was mischievous — she was notorious for filling out dancing cards with fake names. Probably the most relatable quality of them all, she found self-isolation a relief.

Clarissa sipped absinthe in a cordial glass while she sang to birds at her window. Although she appeared to have a jolly old time during shelter-in-place orders, she was secretly full of existential dread.

Fey doesn't mess around — she drank straight liquor out of a cut crystal goblet. Her entourage of choice was a fleet of tiny dogs all named Bonbon. Fey has not change out of her current gown since she put it on in February and was silently screaming all day.

Fanny kept things simple and sipped lemon water with a sprig of mint. She had one cat and felt practically married to them. Fanny wore only her underthings while self-isolating, because why not? She wandered around petting the beloved cat, who was actually an opossum.

Euphronia toted a hip flask wherever she went (which probably wasn't far those days). She firmly believed that animals are for those with actual hearts and emotions. Euphronia was also was prepared for self-isolating and told everyone a lockdown was going to happen. The sight of daffodils made her cry.

Finally, Maude ran out of liquor last week, and kept a big pet dog that might be a wolf. She hid a knife in her corset, and was a major Jack London fangirl.

After some serious consideration and self-reflection, the meme begs the question, are you a Clarissa or an Imogen?