Are You as Confused by This Boyfriend Who Hates His Girlfriend's Zest for Life as We Are?

A Reddit user is receiving eye rolls from the community after asking if they are the a**hole for stifling their girlfriend's boundless happiness. The significant other noted that their girlfriend is peppy and optimistic about everything, and complained sometimes, her joy is tiring.

The user posted in r/AmITheA**hole and received a certified "Yes."

The post starts with an description of the couple on a hike. As they walked along, the girlfriend brought attention and excitement to everything she saw, from ducks to the height of the grass. The girlfriend exclaimed that nature was "healing her soul."

"She was obviously having the time of her life. I get it," the user wrote. "There is a duck, there is some green grass and some hills where we were walking. But the hills are not that impressive and you can literally see them everywhere in our area. She made 3 or 4 comments about nature and it always included the imperative to look. But I just wanted to exercise and get the hike done as quick as possible."

Smiley Faces
View of four differently styled (and sized) Smiley face buttons, 1970s. Reddit users seemed to agree on one main point: The writer got exactly what they wanted. Blank Archives/Getty

They also noted the girlfriend's family does the same, so it could be a family trait. In annoyance, the Reddit user spoke up.

"I am so tired of looking. I don't want to give her that attention and the things she is pointing out don't [sic] make me happy," they wrote. "They mean nothing to me. So I guess I was being rude by telling her 'Please. Please let me walk in peace and stop asking me to admire all this stuff. I don't want to!' She didn't take it well and we ended up being quiet for the rest of the hike."

After, things grew tense. "I didn't want to silcence [sic] her. I am sorry and apologized but she was angry and avoiding me in our apartment. She said 'So what else am I supposed to talk about?'. I think she got me wrong."

Reddit users seemed to agree on one main point: The writer got exactly what they wanted. The girlfriend stopped sharing her joy and excitement, which was what had led to the complaints.

"Bro, let your girl be happy and enjoy nature! Besides, you got what you wanted," the top comment by u/Akaear wrote. "You bitched that she was being talkative and making you 'look at things', and now she's not, because you ruined that for her. It doesn't seem fair that you get to complain both when she is happy and when she is not."