'Castle Rock' Episode 5 Spoilers from 'Harvest': 'Are You the Devil?'

Episode 5 of Castle Rock starts in 2016. Henry (Holland) is at the doctor for an MRI. There is an incessant ringing in his ears. His memory is tested, his brain examined, and the doctors find nothing wrong. In fact, everything looks perfectly normal.

"I used to get it a lot as a teenager," Henry says. Fast-forward two years, Henry is in Castle Rock. The ringing is back.

The narrative of "Harvest" is flanked by encroaching wildfires consuming the counties surrounding the town. News reports on TVs and radios are heard throughout the episode: a plane goes down, families evacuate their homes, hundreds are dying. Castle Rock, however, remains untouched.

The ringing in Henry's ears persist. He can barely hear himself think or talk. He doesn't think much of it as he installs a security system in his mother's home so he can monitor Ruth's whereabouts as her memory continues to deteriorate. However, the more we observe Ruth (Spacek) the more it seems that she is lost in time, wandering around her home trapped in a memory only she can see.

"It's like I open the book and all the pages…," Ruth says. "Someone tore them out. Rearranged them." This gives us our first glimpse into her mind: she's not forgetting anything, she is lost inside her own head and the fires grow closer.

Sissy Spacek as 'Ruth Deaver'
Pictured is Sissy Spacek as Ruth Deaver in the fifth episode of 'Castle Rock.' As her dementia worsens, Ruth puts herself in more and more danger. Seacia Pavao/Hulu

Meanwhile, the Kid is released from Shawshank Prison. Officer Zalewski and the Nazi from previous episodes were contained incidents within the walls of the prison. Now, the Kid is free. On his first night out of the box, he enters the home of an unsuspecting family. They do not see him, but the longer he watches their displays of familial love, the more violent and angrier the family becomes towards each other. All the Kid does is watch.

Evil follows the Kid wherever he goes, so it's natural us to think of him as a devil. However, the closer we get to figuring the Kid out, the more mysterious he becomes. In a flashback of the cage, we see Warden Lacy pontificating through the bars.

"After all these years I still don't know what you really are," Warden Lacy says. "Or if I did the right thing."

One thing that has become clearer with each episode is the extent and purpose of Molly's abilities. We see this when she and the Kid share a moment. Molly can feel what other people are feeling, much like an empath. As Molly spends more time around the Kid, she begins to feel him as well.

"He feels wrong," she says to Henry at one point. "It was like I was listening to the pain of everyone in this town all at once."

Melanie Lynskey and Andre Holland
Pictured are Melanie Lynskey as Molly Strand and Andre Holland as Henry Deaver in the fifth episode of 'Castle Rock.' Claire Folger/Hulu

Here's what we know about the Kid: He brings violence and chaos wherever he goes. But, is he the devil? In a tense confrontation where we learn that twenty-seven years ago, Alan stopped Warden Lacy for speeding and discovered the Kid in his trunk, Pangborn asks the Kid just that.

"Now, I'm an old man, and you haven't aged one goddamn day," Pangborn says, desperate and angry. "Are you the Devil?"

"No," the Kid says.

The further the show chugs along, the murkier the water becomes. With three episodes left, it doesn't seem that all the loose ends will be tied up, but Castle Rock isn't a show to be neatly wrapped with an answer to every question. It's a show that leaves us thinking, confused, and enthralled.

Easter Egg Alert

Jackie Torrence (Jane Levy) confirms that she is related to Jack Torrence of The Shining. Jackie takes the Kid out to her car to smoke weed (he does not partake) and discuss the history of the town. The '80s were way more interesting, she thinks. Way cooler stuff happened in Castle Rock before she was born.

Jane Levy as 'Jackie Torrence'
Pictured is Jane Levy as Jackie Torrence in Castle Rock, episode 5. She reveals that Jack Torrence from 'The Shining' is her uncle. Claire Folger/Hulu

"I had this uncle, though. He was a writer, too," Jackie says, taking a hit. "And then one Winter he just flipped his lid and tried to ax murder his wife and kid at some fancy ski resort. And my folks will never talk to me about it, so I took his name just to piss them off. My real name is Diane." (Possible Twin Peaks reference?) The story of Jack Torrence is now merely a crazy tale told by millennials passing a bowl from one friend to another. He would probably hate that.