MTV To Debut First American Sexually Fluid Reality Show With 'Are You The One?' Season 8

MTV's hit reality show Are You The One? will return this summer with an entirely sexually fluid cast. This is the first time the dating show has incorporated varying sexualities in the formatted show, which tasks singles with finding their "perfect match" through a series of trials, errors and strategies.

Are You The One Season 8
The cast of 'Are You The One?' Season 8 is entirely sexually fluid. MTV

While the show has featured bisexual contestants, and those who don't identify as straight, this is the first season where similar genders may be officially matched, according to the MTV press release. Instead of the usual formula, in which single men and women must choose someone of the opposite gender to be their perfect match, love can be found between any two contestants, and it can qualify for the ultimate prize.

Sexual fluidity refers to variations in one's sexual preferences over time. "I define sexual fluidity as a capacity for a change in sexual attraction—depending on changes in situational or environmental or relationship conditions," said Dr. Lisa Diamond in a conversation with Women's Health.

MTV's press release about the upcoming season suggessts there may be moments of contestants realizing new truths about their sexuality as well. "From coming out moments, to discovering sexual and gender identity, Are You The One? tells powerful stories about navigating relationships and finding love as a sexually fluid individual for the first time ever on a reality dating show."

This season's singles shared the news on their personal Instagram pages with excitement and pride.

"I can finally announce that I'm starring in the first sexually fluid dating show in the history of our US television watching experience. Believe me when I say you will not want to miss the premiere," wrote cast member Basit Shittu on Instagram Friday.

While the sexual fluidity will surely change the game this summer, the essential format of of Are You The One? will remain unchanged. The singles will arrive with no idea of who their "perfect match" could be. Meanwhile, their match has been selected by a panel of relationship experts, who analyzed each contestant's preferences and dating history. The singles will compete in a series of games, go on dates and host wild parties, all in the name of getting to know their summer companions.

Each week, one couple will be voted into the "truth booth" to see if they really are a perfect match. When a match is confirmed, they will move out of the house and into their own Honeymoon Suite.

The series will premiere June 26 at 8 p.m. ET.