‘Are You The One’ Star Kaylen Zahara Sparks Backlash Over Support of Transracial Identity

Are You The One star Kaylen Zahara received hundreds of negative comments to her conversation on being transracial on her Twitter account Wednesday. Zahara, who is black, noted the story of Rachel Dolezal, a woman born white who identifies as black.

“So, let me ask this question, we accept TRANS gender but we don’t TRANS racial (I think that’s the new term)?” Zahara tweeted. “Why are y’all mad at someone who helped blacks who felt she was black inside & why you mad someone felt compassion for her? What is the trigger?”

The initial tweet was followed by a series of tweets, which advocated for those who identify as transracial. Zahara claimed those who do not accept the personal identification lack open-mindedness and compassion.

Twitter users seemed to agree on their feelings toward Zahara’s statements. Some tried to explain how the concept is offensive.

"The fact that y'all headass airbrains don't understand is that most of the 'feelings' that WW/non-Blacks get when they think they're 'Black on the inside' is rooted in stereotypical notions and nuanced forms of Blackness/the diaspora as a whole,” one user wrote.

Another noted race is decided at birth. “When my parents found out they were expecting me, they had no clue what my sex would be, but they knew I’d be Black,” said a Twitter user. “Someone can’t commandeer my history, lineage, and culture because they 'feel' like they’re Black. Transracial is not a real thing. Transgender is.”

Zahara acknowledged the controversial status of her statement but continued to spread her positivity on the subject. “Trans Gender and Trans Racial are accepted over here,” Zahara tweeted. "Anything that isn’t harming, raping, or killing someone is accepted over here. I got my own life to be focused on to be triggered by what another does.”

She claimed those who oppose the transracial concept are acting as oppressors. “I wish all my un-healed black brothers and sisters would realize that when they concern themselves with hating and not accepting others they are only acting just like the people who oppressed and still do oppress us,” she tweeted. “The truth hurts but I’m not afraid to share it with you. HEAL.”

Since appearing on MTV’s Are You The One in 2014 and Are You The One: Second Chances in 2017, Zahara has become an online influencer. She claims her gift is encouraging healing and “adopting a new state of mind” on her website.

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