Arizona Woman Slapped in the Face After Telling Gas Station Customer 'You're Going Back to Mexico'

A video showing a white woman getting slapped in the face after telling a gas station customer that she was "going back to Mexico" has gone viral.

The footage, filmed by Phoenix, Arizona, resident Greg Conn, shows the moments after the argument between the two women broke out at a Superpumper gas station on Saturday, June 6.

In the video, a white woman claims she is a manager of the gas station and tells the other woman, identified by Fox 10 Phoenix as Karina Rodriguez, that she needs to leave, while telling her "we will not serve you."

A man's voice, believed to be Conn's, then asks the white woman why she told Rodriguez to "go back to her own country" before she also confronts him and asks him to leave.

The woman then goes back to Rodriguez and asks her where she was born, to which she replies "America, b***h. Where are your ancestors from?"

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The white woman then steps up to Rodriguez and says: "You're going back to Mexico."

As Rodriguez starts to turn away, the white woman grabs her on the arm, prompting Rodriguez to turn around and strike her on the face.

"You deserved it, in my opinion," Conn adds off camera. "You pushed her and she smacked you, that's self defense on her part."

The video has since been shared more than 16,000 times on Facebook.

Conn said "racism is alive and well" in his post sharing the video on social media.

"I was checking out and this lady comes into the store all flustered yelling at the clerk to get another clerk to help because the line was getting long and her pump wasn't working," Conn wrote.

"Another clerk came out and she said to the young lady in the video, she can go checkout in an authoritative manner. The young lady said 'thank you but I don't need your assistance.'

"She was clearly annoyed with the lady like everyone else in the store. At this time the lady told the clerk not to serve her, told her she can leave, and go back to her country. That's when I took out my phone, and the rest is here in the video."

In a statement to Newsweek, Superpumper confirmed the white woman falsely claimed to be a manager of the store and that they "do not condone her behavior in any of our stores or offices."

"She is not or has never been an employee or owner at Superpumper," a spokesperson said. "Furthermore she has been banned from all of our locations."

This picture shows the pricing for diesel and unleaded petrol for road trucks at a truck gas station near Quartzsite, Arizona on November 2, 2010. A video showing a woman's racist tirade at a Phoenix gas station has gone viral. ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/Getty