'ARK' Extinction Teasers Reveal New Forest Titan & Futuristic Armor

ARK: Survival Evolved has a new expansion set to arrive Nov. 6, and its developers at Studio Wildcard can't stop teasing it. The latest edition of Community Crunch features a dossier image of another Titan and hints at a futuristic armor design.

Following the reveal of Extinction and its snow Titan in June, we're now getting a look at what's likely a plant-based variation of the creature. Its green design and the foliage-focused border suggests this monster will hide deep in the forests of the new map. Unfortunately, however, beyond this single image, there's not much more to ascertain. Similar to the puzzling atmosphere surrounding the ARKs, the true nature of this beast will remain a mystery until players encounter it in the wild.

ARK Forest Titan
This Titan will likely live in the forests of 'ARK's Extinction expansion. Studio Wildcard

Equally obscure is a very short and dark teaser clip shared by developers Monday afternoon. While it's difficult to fully understand the featured content, it's most likely this a first look at high-level armor options for Extinction. While the Tek suit appears to draw heavy inspiration from Iron Man, this one is much more ornate. In fact, some fans have compared its aesthetic to the Spartan armor featured in Halo.

These two teasers don't amount to much, but they confirm development on ARK's Extinction expansion is ongoing. The existence of Titans and the map's futuristic trappings are well documented, but now we're getting a tiny peek behind the curtain about the specifics. When we spoke to Studio Wildcard after Extinction's reveal, they said the Titans would act as mini-bosses that require unique biomechanics for combat and taming. With this most recent tease, we're starting to see just how tied to biomes they actually are.

Assuming this particular Titan is likely to be the king of the forest, it's possible future dossiers may highlight other creatures living in wooded areas of the map. We'll do our best to report those developments as they happen.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Linux.

What's your take on this latest dossier and the forest Titan? Will you be working through the grind to unlock this new armor? Tell us in the comments section!