'ARK' Extinction Titan Taming Guide - How to Tame Forest, Ice & Desert Titans

ARK Extinction features a Titan in all three of its biomes, and it's possible to tame each one if you know what to do. In this quick guide, we'll reveal how you can add the Forest, Ice and Desert Titans to your tribe

A Quick Note About Titan Taming

Before we start, you should know there are limitations to Titan tames. You can only have them for five days at a time, and only one of each type can be used on each map. Keeping that in mind, it will be fairly rare to see these tames online once Extinction hype has died down. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to taming.

How to Tame a Forest Titan

ARK Forest Titan
Just unload with heavy bullets on the Forest Titan and avoid the trees it spawns. Studio Wildcard/Cjthecheesedj @ YouTube

In order to spawn a Titan in Extinction, you must first present it with an offering. Here's what the Forest Titan requires:

  • 100 Corrupt Hearts: Earned by killing a large amount of Corrupt creatures around Extinction.
  • 10 Tyrannosaurus Arms: Earned by killing Rexes or taking them from corpses before they're fully harvested.
  • 10 Sauropod Vertebra: Found on the corpses of Brontosaurus, Diplodocus or Titanosaur.
  • One Artifact of Growth: Enter the cave at 11.8 latitude and 39.3 longitude. The artifact is at 13.5 latitude and 49.2 longitude.

Once you have these items, submit them as an offering at the nearby altar. You'll be warped into an arena where the Titan appears.

The fight itself is actually fairly easy, as long as you have high-level Dinos that are fast enough to evade its very slow swipes. You can use a flyer during the last stage of the fight if you prefer, but you're best off assembling an Assault Rifle or Tek Rifle, which has the ability to fire up high enough to hit all the spots you need to target. Alternatively, the Mek has a skillset that's useful here too.

Regardless, the goal of this Titan tame (and all Titan tames) is to damage the corrupted spots on its body. For the Forest Titan, that means two spots on its arms and a third that appears on its chin once you've dealt with the arms.

All you have to do is shoot each of those spots till they expand and pop. The less actual damage you do outside those corrupted spots gives you a better tame. Its attacks are slow and pretty straightforward, you just have to avoid getting hit by them at all costs. It can also spawn trees in an effort to slow you down, which is why it helps to have at least one tribe member doing damage with a high-level flyer. The Forest Wyvern minion may give you a bit of trouble, but it's more of a distraction. Focus on the Titan as much as possible.

Once you clear all three corrupted spots, the Forest Titan will be tamed and saddled automatically.

How to Tame a Desert Titan

ARK Desert Titan
Shoot these corrupt spots on the Desert Titan to tame it. Studio Wildcard/Monzter @ YouTube

The Desert Titan fight follows the same idea, but it's more focused on fast aerial combat instead of plodding ground combat. Here's what you need to offer as a sacrifice:

  • 100 Corrupt Hearts: Earned by killing a large amount of Corrupt creatures around Extinction.
  • 10 Fire Talons: Harvested from dead Fire, Lightning, Poison and Ice Wyverns.
  • 10 Sarcosuchus Skin: Found in the inventory of a dead Sarcosuchus.
  • One Artifact of Chaos: Enter the cave around 87.4 latitude and 70.4 longitude. The artifact is at 93.9 latitude and 88 longitude.

Drop these items at the nearby altar and prepare for another fight.

For this battle, a swarm of Quetzals should do the trick. Whether you're solo or tribed up, have two or three high-level ones on hand so you can constantly leverage Mate Boost during the fight.

Just like last time, there are three Corrupted spots on the Desert Titan's body: one on each of its wings and one on its lower back. You need to damage all three of these spots till the purple effect disappears. Also like before, the least outside damage you do, the better your tame will be. Here are some HP values worth knowing.

  • Alpha: 550,000 HP
  • Beta: 280,000 HP
  • Gamma: 280,000 HP

The best way to heal its corruption without doing damage is to use its lightning strike attack against it. A message will pop on screen when you're about to be struck. The goal is to hang around a corrupt spot and get out of there just as the timer hits zero. It requires some pretty precise and daring flight tactics, but it's more time consuming than difficult. The third spot can take an especially a long time to fade. If you find your stats running low in later stages, don't be afraid to leave the area to heal up. There are minions as well, but they don't really do much damage. Just keep hitting the spots till the purple effect is gone.

Do that, and you'll get a tamed and saddled Desert Titan.

How to Tame an Ice Titan

ARK Ice Titan
The Ice Titan is a big beast, but fast flyers will take it down. Studio Wildcard/JayEx23 @ YouTube

The Ice Titan follows the same pattern as the previous two. Find these tribute items and offer them at the altar.

  • 100 Corrupt Hearts: Earned by killing a large amount of Corrupt creatures around Extinction.
  • 10 Spinosaurus Sails: Found in the inventories of a dead Spinosaurus.
  • 10 Therizino Claws: Found in the inventories of a dead Therizinosaurus.
  • One Artifact of the Void: Make your way to the cave entrance at 20.3 latitude and 62.2 longitude. The artifact is located at 13.5 latitude and 84 longitude.

Place these items at the altar to begin the fight.

This time, the corrupt spots appear on its ankle, right shoulder and chest. The fight itself is actually fairly similar to the Forest Titan, so it has many of the same requirements. You'll absolutely need an Assault Rifle or Tek Rifle to hit each spot while it's active.

Once you move up to the chest, it probably helps to have a flyer or Tek suit, so you can easily zip around to avoid its attacks. In this instance, it might help to have a Tek-equipped Tapejara or Griffin so you can open fire on the beast while you fly. With all that speed and a few friends, the Ice Titan shouldn't be too hard to take down. Just avoid doing damage outside the glowing spots to get the best tame.

Like the others it will automatically saddle up when you tame it.

That's all there is to know about taming Titans in ARK Extinction. If you'd rather not go through the effort, you can also spawn a Titan in using our list of admin commands. Feel free to check out our creature taming guide as well.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Linux.

Were you able to tame one of Extinction's Titans? Which of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section!