'ARK' Fear Evolved 4 Date Announced With New Skins, Chibis Creatures & More

ARK: Survival Evolved fans are in for a treat this October, as its developers at Studio Wildcard have announced that the Fear Evolved Halloween event is returning to the popular survival sandbox. From October 22 through November 6, fans will be able to enjoy a bevy of spooky encounters, collectible Chibis, new skins and colors. The details were revealed via the latest Community Crunch blog post.

ark fear evolved 4 dates
'ARK' Fear Evolved 4 runs October 22 through November 6 with new encounters, Chibis and more. Get the full details below. 'ARK: Survival Evolved' is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux. Studio Wildcard

Here's a recap of what players can expect to see when Fear Evolved 4 starts later this month.


  • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed and maturation)
  • 2X Player XP

New Content


  • Ghost Reaper (Surface reapers)
  • Ghost Bulbdog
  • Ghost Rex
  • Ghost Basilisk
  • Ghost Snow Owl
  • Ghost Mantis
  • Ghost Direwolf


  • Skeletal Giganotosaurus
  • Skeletal Quetzal
  • Skeletal Jerboa
  • Skeletal Bronto
  • Skeletal Stego
  • Skeletal Trike
  • Skeletal Raptor
  • Skeletal Rex
  • Skeletal Carnotaurus
  • Bone Wyvern
  • Zombie Wyvern

Ghost Creature Skins )acquired by killing Ghost creatures)

  • Reaper
  • Bulbdog
  • Rex
  • Basilisk
  • Snow Owl
  • Mantis
  • Direwolf


  • Scare Emote
  • Knock Emote

Skins (via cooking)

  • Reaper Swimsuit Skin
  • Jack-O-Lantern Swimsuit Skin


  • Vermillion
  • ActualBlack
  • MidnightBlue
  • MediumAutumn
  • DarkWarmGray
  • Orange
  • DarkLavender
  • Jade

Returning Content

ark fear evolved 4 survivors
Throughout Fear Evolved 4, players will have a chance to collect a wide variety of spooky themed skins. Studio Wildcard


  • DodoRex (Untamable Boss)
  • DodoWyvern (Untamable Boss)
  • Zomdodo
  • Zombie Fire Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Zombie Lightning Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Zombie Poison Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Skeletal Giganotosaurus
  • Skeletal Quetzal
  • Skeletal Jerboa
  • Bone Fire Wyvern
  • Skeletal Bronto
  • Skeletal Stego
  • Skeletal Trike
  • Skeletal Raptor
  • Skeletal Rex
  • Skeletal Carnotaurus


  • Zombie Emote
  • Dance Emote
  • Panic Emote

Skins (Cooking Pot)

  • Pumpkin Helmet Skin
  • Headless Costume Skin
  • Hockey Mask Skin
  • Araneo Swimsuit Skins
  • Onyc Swimsuit Skins
  • Vampire Dodo Swimsuit Skins


  • Dino Darker Grey
  • Dino Light Blue
  • Dino Dark Yellow
  • DragonBase1
  • Light Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Dino Light Brown
  • Dino Dark Brown
  • DragonFire

In other words, while some of ARK's previous 2020 events like Summer Bash and the Anniversary Event were almost universally panned for recycling old content, Fear Evolved 4 offers a marked improvement over its predecessors by offering new things to do almost every step of the way. Fear Evolved separates itself from other events by being one of the only festivities focused on forcing encounters with dangerous foes to earn cool goodies. That being said, only the skins are locked behind skill, which leaves the rest of the rewards open to new players and veterans alike.

The announcement of a substantial Fear Evolved event likely comes as a surprise to the ARK community that likely assumed Studio Wildcard had been spending the bulk of its time polishing the TLC 3 update that's expected to deploy on all platforms by the end of the month. For the uninitiated, TLC 3 offers massive changes to the Woolly Mammoth and Stegosaurus in a way that makes them more relevant to the game's current and future meta. Looking further down the road, the second part of the Genesis Season Pass is also expected to go live in March of next year. The wait for that new content may be long, but at least Studio Wildcard is filling the time with some truly exciting distractions for passionate survivors.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux.

What are your thoughts on Fear Evolved 4 based on this preview? Is there enough in this Halloween event to bring you back to the game? Tell us in the comments section!