'ARK' Genesis Dino & Creature Guide - How to Tame A Ferox, Bloodstalker & More

ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis adds a slew of tamable creatures to the popular survival experience. In this guide, we'll tell you how to get your very own Ferox, Bloodstalker, Magmasaur and more without using cheats.

Ferox: You'll find the Ferox in Genesis' snow biome (around 83.9, 47.6). In order to tame it, it's best to have a large base built around the area first. It must be big enough to house the Ferox's monster form.

ark ferox tame
;ARK's Ferox can be passively tamed by feeding it Element. Read the full taming tips below. 'ARK: Survival Evolved' is available on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux. Studio Wildcard

Base built, find a Ferox and feed it Element to transform it into its hulk state. It will start attacking you, which allows you to easily lure it to your base. Trap it inside, wait for it to revert to its small form, take it outside and feed it Element again, repeating the process. Do this enough times, and the Ferox will be tamed. It can be leveraged as a shoulder pet and an effective attacking mount.

Bloodstalker: For the Bloodstalker, get to the swampy biome (around 73.5, 79.2). You'll need lots of Blood Pack consumables, which can be extracted using the Blood Extraction Syringe blueprint earned after level 6. One pack requires a loss of 25 HP.

ark bloodstalker tame
The Bloodstalker eats your Blood Packs. Studio Wildcard

Simply approach a Bloodstaker in the wild, and it will begin harvesting your Blood Packs. Let it take about 900 or 1,000 of those, and the successful-tame window will appear. This is a good climbing and swinging mount, and it also offers survivors enhanced vision capabilities. When players are wielding a gun, it can also adjust its position to give your survivor a better shot.

Magmasaur: Magmasaurs must be tamed by finding a Magmasaur egg. To get one, go to a den located at 33.2,82.5 or 29.2, 78.3. This brings you to the large volcano in the lava biome. Along the areas where the magma flows down, you'll find a series of caves with Magmasaurs inside.

ark magmasaur egg
Look for a Magmasaur egg in the caves of the Volcano in the lava biome. Studio Wildcard

Just like with a Rock Drake or Wyvern, all you need to do is swipe the egg. Look for a high-level specimen, take it and be prepared to avoid or confront a huge swarm of angry Magmasaurs. As long as you escape with the egg, it incubates just like the others. The Magmasaur is a great mount with an offensive ability to fire projectiles.

Astrocetus: This massive space whale is best knocked out using the Tek-Skiff cannon. Afterward, feed it Exceptional Kibble. Exceptional Kibble is made from any Extra Large size eggs. These include the Basilisk Egg, Bronto Egg, Giganotosaurus Egg, Quetzal Egg, Rex Egg, Tek Quetzal Egg, Tek Rex Egg or Therizino Egg. If you don't have kibble, Raw Prime Meat and Raw Mutton will also do the trick.

ark Astrocetus tame
The Astrocetus has a more traditional active taming method. Studio Wildcard

You'll need a saddle to ride it once it's been tamed.

Megachelon: All you have to do is swim next to a Megachelon for a long time without taking damage to earn its trust. You can either gate in the creature or use natural pillars to avoid getting hit. One point of damage resets the tame bar to zero percent.

ark genesis megachelon admin commands
Hang by one of these large turtles to make sure it gets tamed. Studio Wildcard

We'll do our best to update this guide as players learn more about ARK's new tamable creatures. If all this sounds like too much work, check out our updated list of admin commands. Using these, you can force tame any creature to test out its abilities.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux.

What are your thoughts on ARK Genesis so far? Which of its new creatures is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section!

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