'ARK' Love Evolved 2 Guide: Box o' Chocolates, Chibis, Cheats and More Explained

ARK Love Evolved 2 runs through February 18, which means many survivors may be wondering how the latest Valentine's Day event works. In this guide, we'll reveal the basics of the event including acquiring the Box o' Chocolates, Valentines Dino Candy and more.

ARK Love Evolved 2 event items and recipes

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'ARK' Loved Evolved 2 runs through February 19. Here's all you need to know about the Valentine's event. 'ARK: Survival Evolved' is available now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux. Studio Wildcard

Just like most ARK events, the main lure of Love Evolved 2 involves unlocking special event-themed cosmetics that can be used as long as your character remains alive. Here are the crafting recipes for the new and returning items you should see in a standard Cooking Pot.

  • Heart-shaped Shield skin: two Box o' Chocolates, two Valentines Dino Candy and 10 Metal.
  • Heart-shaped Sunglasses skin: three Box o' Chocolates, two Valentines Dino Candy.
  • Cupid Couture Bottom: two Box o' Chocolates, three Valentines Dino Candy and 20 Fiber.
  • Cupid Couture Top: two Box o' Chocolates, three Valentines Dino Candy and 20 Fiber.
  • Halo Headband: two Box o' Chocolates, three Valentines Dino Candy and 20 Metal.
  • Teddy Bear Grenades: two Box o' Chocolates, four Valentines Dino Candy, two Wool and five Fiber.
  • Bow & Eros skin: three Box o' Chocolates, four Valentines Dino Candy, 10 Wood and five Fiber.
  • Love Shackles: one Box o' Chocolates, two Valentines Dino Candy, four Metal and three Fiber.
  • Flirty emote: two Box o' Chocolates and two Valentines Dino Candy.

How to fish to get Box o' Chocolates and Valentines Dino Candy

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Catch enough fish and you may be looking like these characters. Studio Wildcard

Taking a look at the 2021 recipes listed above, you'll notice that the main ingredients for the Love Evolved event are the Box o' Chocolates and Valentines Dino Candy. When it comes to the chocolates, there are two ways to get them. The first, and potentially easiest, method is breeding. There's a 25 percent chance chocolates will drop with each breed, so some players have found it helpful to round up a bunch of Dodos to keep the breeding process running constantly.

The other method, however, is also the only way to get a Box o' Chocolates as well as the Valentines Dino Candy or any Chibis you might want. The main loop of this event involves fishing for special Coelacanth scattered at various locations across all maps. They have hearts floating above their heads that are visible even through water, which makes them very easy to spot. On the Island, we found lots of them in the lake areas to the south.

If you haven't fished before in ARK: Survival Evolved, your character must be at level 19 or above to craft a Fishing Rod with 12 Wood, 50 Fiber and 20 Thatch. Once that's done, make a Wooden Chair with 20 Wood, 18 Thatch and 14 Fiber. As long as you're at the shoreline or on a raft, you can place your Wooden Chair down, sit in it and start to fish.

But, just like the real world, you also need bait. There are three kinds of bait you can use to catch a Coelacanth.

  • Giant Bee Honey: Most effective, but hardest to get. Harvest from a tamed Giant Bee or harvest it from hives using a Dire Bear.
  • Leech Blood: Moderately effective. Earned by killing Leeches, Deathworms or Lamprey.
  • Sap: Lowest-tier bait. Collected using a Tree Sap Tap on Redwoods or by harvesting tree stumps in Valguero.

After assembling your Fishing Rod, Wooden Chair and bait, you're finally ready to fish. Sit down near the water and look for the Coelacanth hearts floating towards the surface. If one nibbles on your line, simply press the buttons that display on-screen to reel it in. Provided you've caught a special Coelacanth, you'll get some assortment of Chibis, Box o' Chocolates and Valentines Candy. Typically, you only get one box and the rest are random, but we've seen pulls that are all Chibis too.

ARK Love Evolved 2 admin commands and spawn codes

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Cheats are also available to let you experience all the themed cosmetics immediately. Studio Wildcard

If that process sounds too complicated to be worth your time, ARK's developers at Studio Wildcard also have a wide assortment of cheats that allow you to try out the Love Evolved 2 items, cosmetics, and Chibis instantly. While cheats typically aren't turned on in multiplayer servers, you can mess around with them in single-player as much as you like.

  • PC: Press tab to open the command menu.
  • Xbox: LB + RB + X + Y.
  • PS4: L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle.

Use the "enablecheats" command first to turn them on, and then proceed by entering the following codes.

  • Box o Chocolates: Cheat gfi ValentinesChocolate 1 0 0
  • Valentine's Dino Candy: Cheat gfi ValentinesDinoCandy 1 0 0
  • Heart-shaped Shield: Cheat gifi Vday_Shield 1 0 0
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses: Cheat gifi SunGlasses_Vday 1 0 0
  • Halo Headband: Cheat gfi ValentineHaloHat 1 0 0
  • Cupid Couture Top: Cheat gfi ValentineShirt 1 0 0
  • Cupid Couture Bottom: Cheat gfi ValentinePants 1 0 0
  • Teddy Bear Grenades: Cheat gfi ValentineBear 1 0 0
  • Love Shackles: Cheat gfi Vday_Handcuffs 1 0 0
  • Bow & Eros: Cheat gfi CupidBow 1 0 0
  • Flirt Emote: Cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flirt 1 0 0
  • Crystal Wyvern Chibi: Cheat gifi ChibiDino_WyvernCrystal 1 0 0
  • Enforcer Chibi: Cheat gifi ChibiDino_Enforcer 1 0 0
  • Mesopithecus Chibi: Cheat gifi ChibiDino_Mesopithecus 1 0 0
  • Otter Chibi: Cheat gifi ChibiDino_Otter 1 0 0
  • Velonasaur Chibi: Cheat gifi ChibiDino_Velonasaur 1 0 0

That's everything there is to know about the new and returning content introduced during Love Evolved 2.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux.

What do you think of ARK Love Evolved 2 so far? Have you found any efficient methods to farm the Box o' Chocolates or Valentine's Dino Candy? Tell us in the comments section!