'ARK' Update 1.69 Adds ARKaeology Event & Skins to PS4, Xbox - Patch Notes

ARK: Survival Evolved has just been updated in response to the reveal of the brand-new ARKaeology Event. The month-long celebration features four new skins and the return of classic costumes. The news was announced via a Steam post Friday afternoon.

Starting today, players may encounter fossil mounds on any of ARK's maps. Survivors can excavate these mounds in return for bones and the possibility of extra loot. Collect enough bones and you'll also be able to craft special skins via the Cooking Pot. The mounds should appear across both single and multiplayer servers. Those running personal servers can use the "ActiveEvent=Arkaeology" to turn everything on. Here's a quick look at the new skins you can get.

The Brachiosaurus (Brontosaurus Costume)

ARK Brachiosaurus
The Brontosaurus looks sweet for ‘ARK’s ARKaeology Event. Studio Wildcard

Stygimoloch (Pachycephalosaurus Costume)

ARK Stygimoloch
The Pachycephalosaurus looks deadlier than ever. Studio Wildcard

Styracosaurus (Triceratops Costume)

ARK Styracosaurus
Even low-level players can have fun with this Trike skin. Studio Wildcard

Dilophosaurus Mask (Hat Skin)

ARK Dilophosaurus Mask
If you really love Dilos, there’s a hat for that. Studio Wildcard

The following bone costumes are back too:

  • Rex Bone Costume
  • Carno Bone Costume
  • Raptor Bone Costume
  • Bronto Bone Costume
  • Stego Bone Costume
  • Trike Bone Costume
  • Giganotosaurus Bone Costume
  • Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume
  • Jerboa Bone Costume
  • Wyvern Bone Costume

In addition to the new cosmetics, the Tek Rex will also be patrolling all maps with a limited-time increased level cap.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Fortitude rework

  • The threshold for being knocked out increases with fortitude increases
  • Increased natural insulation from fortitude by 8 percent

Small Tribe Server rule changes

  • 24 hr cooldown on tribe slot reuse
  • Disabled dino unclaiming
  • Disabled non-tribe pin code access to structures

Tek Rex

  • 5 percent of wild Rex spawns are tex
  • 20 percent higher wild level
  • New breeding line


  • Tek Tapajara saddle range reduced by 75 percent
  • Fix for server performance in certain situations
  • Many hole fixes across all maps
  • Ragnarok optimizations
  • Rendering fixes
  • Fix emissive when moving the camera
  • Fix for ambient occlusion rendering issue
  • Max level increased by one to 131
  • Wild dinos have a chance to spawn with additional mutation colors during this event: White, Yellow, Gray and Black

The news of ARK's ARKaeology Event arrives after the expiration of a mysterious countdown clock on ARK's official website. For those who'd like to learn what Survival Evolved is all about, the full game is currently on sale at a 67 percent discount across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Those who'd rather not pay at all you can also try the free mobile version on Android and iOS, but the ARKaeology Event content won't be featured there.

It's been quite a while since Studio Wildcard last offered a substantial update to Survival Evolved, so this month's ARKaeology Event will certainly be seen as a welcome announcement amongst fans. Which of the new skins are you hoping to craft first?

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux.