'ARK' Update 1.72 on PS4, Xbox Continues Extinction Chronicles - Patch Notes

ARK: Survival Evolved update 1.72 has gone live on PS4, Xbox One and PC with varying version numbers. Despite the differences in name, the patch notes are nearly identical across all platforms. The Extinction Chronicles event continues with more Explorer Notes and Tek creature spawns. This time, it's the Tek Stego getting its moment in the spotlight.

ARK Tek Stego
The Tek Stego will be easier to find after today’s update to ‘ARK: Survival Evolved.’ Studio Wildcard

'ARK' 1.72 Patch Notes

Extinction Chronicles

  • Increased Player and Dino Level Cap by one
  • Added three new Explorer Notes
  • Added Corrupted Boots unlockable
  • Fixed Corrupted Helmet colorization

Tek Stego

  • New breeding line
  • Five percent chance to spawn
  • 20 percent higher base level
  • Colors
    • Be on the lookout for Purple, Blue, Black and Gray Dinos for the next week.

Scorched Earth

  • Electric Storm only affects Tek weapons, Tek turrets, Tek saddles and Tek shield generators
  • Electric Storm duration bumped to eight minutes


  • Addressed map exploit
  • Riot shield can now be crafted from the fabricator.
  • Crop plots now correctly grow when out range.

Admin Commands

  • RainDinos
  • RainDanger
  • RefillStats
  • GiveArmorSet
  • GiveWeaponSet
  • GiveItemSet
  • ClearMyBuffs

PS4 and Xbox-Specific Changes

  • Arthropleura rebalance
    • Bite can now damage stone, metal and Tek structures
    • Takes five times explosive, three times ranged damage
  • Scorched Earth
    • Consumable lifetime increased to 90 percent of default from 30 percent
    • Added Titano spawns
  • Prim+
    • Armor weight increased
    • Argent can now grab correctly

ARK 's Extinction Chronicles event began last month alongside the reveal of the Extinction expansion. The limited-time event adds Explorer Notes and Dino variants leading into the DLC's release date on Nov. 6. The first installment of notes gave players a taste of the futuristic lore they'll be digging into, and now a few more clues have been added to the map. As usual, it's up to players to find them. If that's not enough incentive, the increased possibility of taming a Tek Stego should do the trick as well.

ARK update 1.72 is one of many intended to offer small bug fixes to console and PC platforms as Extinction's arrival draws near. In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, representatives from Studio Wildcard recently hinted at how the upcoming content drop offers a fitting conclusion to ARK's three-act story.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The 1.72 update is deploying across all platforms.

How do you feel about the latest ARK update given these patch notes? Are you excited to learn the secrets behind this chapter of Extinction Chronicles? Tell us in the comments section!

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