'ARK' Update 1.92 Adds Eggcellent Adventure for Easter on PS4 & Xbox - Patch Notes

ARK: Survival Evolved version 1.92 is going live, and that means Eggcellent Adventure 2019 has officially begun. You'll be able to craft new skins using Bunny Eggs and tame festive-colored Dinos through April 30. The full patch notes arrive courtesy of the latest blog post from Studio Wildcard.

ARK: Survival Evolved Update 1.92 Patch Notes - Eggcellent Adventure

ark bunny eggs
Collect these special eggs from Dodos to start crafting limited items. Studio Wildcard

Eggcellent Adventure 4 (2019)!

  • Auto Activates 4/16-4/30
    • Not supported in Primitive Plus mode
  • Wild Bunny Oviraptors
    • 50 percent of wild Oviraptors (33 percent of wild Aberrant Dodos on Aberration) are Bunny Oviraptors
    • Cannot be tamed
    • NEW! Drop Easter Candy as they spread Easter joy!
      • Feed your candy to your tame for a fun festive effect!
  • Wild Bunny Dodos
    • 50 percent of wild Dodos (33 percent of wild Aberrant Dodos on Aberration) are Bunny Dodos
    • Cannot be tamed
    • Drop Easter Eggs as they spread Easter joy!
  • Easter Eggs
    • Can be placed in the world and painted
  • Easter Skins
    • Craftable in the Cooking Pot from Easter Eggs
    • Bunny Ears Skin
    • Procoptodon Bunny Costume
    • NEW! Marshmallow Dodo Hat
    • NEW! Chocolate Bunny Club
    • Egg Shell Hat
    • Chick Hat
  • Wild creatures have a chance to spawn with additional colors: Green, Magenta, Yellow and Blue


  • Drastically reduce frost breath range
    • Freezing stops at approximately turret range
    • Damage stops at approximately half turret range


  • Fixed inability to craft Primitive+ specific resources in the forge
  • Fixed inability to harvest coal from obsidian
  • Fixed inability to harvest beeswax
  • Fixed problems with beehive functionality
  • Cauldron/Industrial Cooker can now craft new kibble
  • New kibble is now functional on dinos


  • Desert Titan now requires line-of-sight to do melee or lightning damage
  • Prevented cryoing Karkinos while they are carrying something


  • Fixed exploit related to Rockwell Tentacles
  • Fixed exploit related to Tek Swords
  • Fixed exploit related to Fish Baskets


  • Aberration
    • Fixed issue with blue mushrooms not allowing Ankylo to harvest properly

Platform Saddle

  • Enable platform build limits saddles PlatformSaddleBuildAreaBoundsMultiplier, can be used to increase this radius on unofficials
  • Prevent platform Saddles counting towards the max turret limit


  • Now properly supports Weapons on Humans!
  • Adjusted Desert Titan's dermis offset


  • Icon Iteration
  • Fixed LODs for Tek Triangle Roof
  • Setup colorization for Fence Foundation
  • Setup colorization for Wood Railing


  • Added a hard clamp to damage reflection


  • Fix preferred kibble

GPS Transponders

  • Fixed transponders disappearing
  • Placed Transponder Node no longer scales up after restart

Mind Wipe

  • Updated description of Mind Wipe to reflect 24-hour cooldown

Rendering Artifacts

  • Fixed rendering artifact in Scorched Earth Dust Storm
  • Fixed rendering artifact in Extinction Ascension


  • Cryosick dinos are no longer able to attack
  • Now use players in-game name in the tribe log

Industrial Cooker

  • Now supports pulling water from any connected source
  • Never auto-activates when connected to water


  • Removed GlobalCuddleFoodList Override array


  • Use FastTurretTargeting system automatically for anything moving faster than 300 cm/s

Sloped Wooden Wall

  • Adjusted Left Sloped Wooden Wall to fit better with attaching to a normal wall


  • Can now place C4 near ORP protected structures, except near foundations

Dino Leash

  • Dino leashes no longer can be placed near enemy foundations

LOD iteration for

  • Basilisk
  • Flak Armor
  • Ghillie Armor

As far as ARK events go, 2019's Eggcellent Adventure is pretty much par for the course. There's nothing incredibly exciting here in terms of new features, but it's still a fun opportunity to get some limited cosmetics and tame rare Dinos. Coming off the major Homestead update in March, though, survivors should feel pretty good about the festivities. We're pretty partial to the Chocolate Bunny Club, even if it makes us a little hungry.

Beyond the Eggcellent Adventure content, the biggest changes here are probably the Managarmr nerf and additional Primitive+ tweaks. The Managarmr has been an especially controversial addition to ARK since it debuted alongside Extinction, but hopefully this is the last balance pass the creature needs to feel properly leveled against its many foes. At the very least, now survivors can't be stopped dead in their tracks from a mile away. On the Prim+ side, the fixes further stabilize a mode that's become somewhat broken after recent patching. ARK update 1.92 isn't a huge overhaul, but Eggcellent Adventure is exactly what fans have been asking for.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. The Eggcellent Adventure update is deploying on all platforms except Switch.

What are your thoughts on ARK's Eggcellent Adventure for 2019? Do these patch notes do enough to make the game more stable? Tell us in the comments section!

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