'ARK' Update 2.44 Adds Winter Wonderland 2020 on PS4 and Xbox - Patch Notes

ARK: Survival Evolved update 2.44 has arrived on PS4 and Xbox to kick off the Christmas-themed Winter Wonderland 5 event. Want to know what's coming from RaptorClaus and GacahaClaus through January 7? We've got the full details, courtesy of a recent blog post from Studio Wildcard.

ARK update 2.44 Patch Notes - Winter Wonderland 5

ark winter wonderland update patch notes
'ARK' update 2.44 has landed on PS4 and Xbox One to kick off Winter Wonderland 2020. Read the patch notes below. 'ARK: Survival Evolved' is available now on PC, Xbox One, Switch, Mac and Linux. Studio Wildcard

Event Details

This event can be manually activated with the server arg parameter: -ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland


December 17 to January 7


  • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
  • 2X Player XP
  • 2X Harvesting

Event Creatures

  • RaptorClaus
  • GachaClaus

Event Skins

  • Rex Sweater Skin *NEW*
  • Carolers Sweater Skin *NEW*
  • Bulbdog Sweater Skin *NEW*
  • Blue Winter Beanie *NEW*
  • Purple Winter Beanie *NEW*
  • Green Winter Beanie *NEW*
  • Male and Female Noglin Swimsuit Skin *NEW*
  • Male and Female Yeti Swimsuit Skin *NEW*
  • Candy Cane Club Skin
  • Christmas Bola Skin
  • Nutcracker Slingshot Skin
  • Dino Ornament Swim Bottom Skin
  • Dino Ornament Swim Top Skin
  • Jerboa Wreath Swim Bottom Skin
  • Jerboa Wreath Swim Top Skin
  • Ugly Bronto Sweater Skin
  • Ugly Carno Sweater Skin
  • Ugly Chibi Sweater Skin
  • Gray Winter Beanie Skin
  • Purple Winter Beanie Skin
  • Red Winter Beanie Skin
  • Felt Reindeer Antlers Skin
  • Santa Hat Skin

Event Chibis

  • Shinehorn *NEW*
  • Featherlight *NEW*
  • Glowtail *NEW*
  • Bulbdog *NEW*
  • Top-hat Kairuku *NEW*
  • Reindeer *NEW*
  • Gacha Claus *NEW*

Event Items

  • Festive Dino Candy
  • Holiday Lights
  • Holiday Stocking
  • Holiday Tree
  • Gift Box
  • Snowman
  • Wreath

Wild Creature Colors

  • Jade *NEW*
  • PineGreen *NEW*
  • SpruceGreen *NEW*
  • DarkMagenta *NEW*
  • Glacial *NEW*
  • PowderBlue *NEW*
  • Teal *NEW*
  • DarkViolet *NEW*
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Grey
  • Light Red
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Red
  • Dino Light Red
  • Dino Light Green
  • Dino Medium Green
  • Dino Albino
  • NearWhite

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit with tribe names

As far as how Winter Wonderland 5 works, the festivities sound pretty similar to what survivors may have experienced over the previous four years. Once midnight strikes on the in-game clock, RaptorClaus will take to the skies in his sleigh and drop gift boxes from above. In these boxes, you'll find various consumables like Mistletoe and Coal that can then be traded to GachaClaus for the Chibis and skins described above.

While the 2020 festivities don't appear to be the deepest ARK event we've ever had, there's certainly enough here for the game's faithful legion of players to dig into. That new collection of Chibis sounds especially tantalizing, regardless of how painstakingly annoying it will be to collect them.

Today's Winter Wonderland event arrives just a few days after the previous ARK update was deployed to add more content to Genesis 2 Chronicles last Friday. In addition to dropping some new DLC, the download also fixed minor bugs involving rideable Dinos and crabs. Given that today's update is only a few days separated from the previous one, it's no surprise there's very little here with regard to tangible gameplay overhauls.

As Wildcard continues to solidify the code of the original game in the leadup to ARK 2, we imagine there will be slightly fewer tweaks from here on out. ARK's next truly significant update arrives when Genesis Part 2 releases in March.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux.

What are your hopes for Winter Wonderland 5? Will you be collecting all the new Chibis? Tell us in the comments section!

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