'ARK' Xbox One Update Fixes Bugs As 3X Event Begins - Patch Notes

ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated to v774 on Xbox to match yesterday's version 1.70 patch on PS4. The patch notes are essentially the same, but this time come at the start of a 3X Evolution event. If you want to make progress on your server, now's the perfect time to level up and craft that high-end gear.

Before getting to the Evolution Event, though, here's a recap of the patch notes:


  • ARKaeology bones now persist in single-player
  • Bone Wyvern Costume now available for ARKaeology players
  • Rex blood color fixed

Small Tribe Server rule changes

  • Twenty-four hour cooldown on tribe slot reuse
  • Disabled dino unclaiming
  • Disabled non-tribe pin code access to structures

While there are a few Xbox-specific problems listed here, the nature of the update is the same as PS4's. It's designed to fix any lingering bugs that cropped up at the start of ARKaeology, while also nerfing a few popular exploits on Small Tribe servers. Especially if you've become a fan of the new fast-paced mode, these rule changes will be greatly appreciated.

If you're playing on Small Tribe, you won't be able to take advantage of the awesome 3X Evolution festivities over the next few days. From now through June 25 at 3 p.m. EDT, players will enjoy tripled rates for resource harvesting, taming, maturation, egg hatching and, most importantly, EXP gains. This benefit carries across all platforms and is ideal for those who want the best gear but don't want to cheat to get it.

ARK: Survival Evolved and its expansions are currently on sale across all platforms as well, so there's not much more the game's developers at Studio Wildcard could possibly do to keep players invested. As we head toward the launch of Extinction in November, it might pay to stay active in daily events.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux. The aforementioned update is exclusive to Xbox One.

Are you excited to dig back into ARKaeology after this new update? Is a 3X Evolution Event enough to bring you back to ARK? Tell us in the comments section!