Man Who Killed Baby Girl in Scalding Bath Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

A man whose one-year-old daughter died after he scalded her in a bath to such an extent her skin peeled off has been jailed.

Derek Anthony Shockley, 21, of Jacksonville, Arkansas, pleaded guilty to Class Y felony first-degree battery of a child following the death of his daughter Germanii Amarii Stewart on December 27 last year.

Police were called to Shockley's home at 6 N. Simmons Drive on December 18 to find the 13-month-old "writhing in pain" and with skin coming off her body, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.

Shockley told police his daughter had soiled herself while sleeping. He claimed he then stood her up in the bathtub and turned the shower on to rinse her down.

He said the girl started crying while being washed, but did not think that was unusual.

After laying her down on the bed, Shockley said he noticed something on the girl's forehead.

When he rubbed it, a portion of skin slid off. He then took the infant to his mother to show her what happened. When he removed the towel, skin also peeled away from Germanii's shoulder.

The defendant's mother, 39-year-old Lavern Shockley, then told him to call 911. When she asked him how hot the water was, he replied it was "not very hot at all."

According to KATV, the water left severe burns on two-thirds of the girl's body.

During the investigation, police found that the water from the shower measured around 113 F and as high as 153 F from the bathtub spigot.

Police noted Shockley did not have any injuries on him, meaning put the child in the bath instead of holding her under a shower, reports MEAWW.

Shockley was arrested on December 18 and originally charged with second-degree murder, a Class A felony. Prosecutors later upgraded the charge to first-degree battery of a child, the equivalent of first-degree murder. The charge is a Class Y felony, the most serious crimes not punishable by death under Arkansas state law.

Germanii was taken to Arkansas Children's Hospital, where she spent nine days before dying of septic shock and organ failure.

Shockley has now been sentenced to 30 years in jail, with an additional 10 years suspended, after pleading guilty in September to Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herb Wright.

In a separate incident, Shockley will also serve a 10-year term concurrently after shooting a man and attacking his sister two months before his daughter died.

Shockley pleaded guilty to first-degree battery for shooting 20-year-old Hayden Andrew Sheward in the stomach as well as the first-degree battery of his sister following an incident in October 2018.

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