Arkansas Police Bodycam Video Shows Incident That Crushed Man's Windpipe, Left Him Brain-dead: 'Rayshawn Will Never Be Rayshawn Again'

Activists and relatives of Rayshawn Warren, the Blytheville man who was left comatose following an arrest in September 2018, say they have obtained footage of the moment his windpipe was crushed.

WREG reported that the footage, released Thursday, shows police holding Warren with his face on the ground. Activist Tony Hollis has said he believes it was at this moment Warren's windpipe was crushed by an officer. The comatose man's aunt has questioned Warren's treatment was so disproportionate.

"Rayshawn will never be Rayshawn again," Otilla Hughes, who saw the video for the first time alongside Warren's mother, added.

In October, law enforcement released just over a minute of bodycam footage showing part of the incident. The video showed one officer in pursuit of Warren, briefly intercepting him before Warren ran off again. The video then cut out.

Police tape
Illustrative: Police tape at a crime scene; the police’s incident report asserts Warren violently resisted arrest. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

However, the newly released footage shows the incident in full. Just moments after the police-released video ends, the footage shows Warren in the compromised position with police shouting at him, hitting him with a stun gun and then flipping him over to handcuff him.

It seems to be at this point the life-altering damage was done to Warren. "He don't even weigh 110 pounds and y'all got three men, four men on top of him?" Hughes asked. "It's very disturbing to see my nephew being treated like an animal, just like a dog on the street," she went on.

"I didn't see very much resistance, no more than him just being loud," Hollis commented, contradicting the police's incident report asserting Warren violently resisted arrest. Officers have claimed one of their number was injured after Warren kicked out at them.

According to his family, Warren is now brain-dead, remaining in hospital where he is unable to walk or talk.

In October, Warren's family filed a lawsuit against the city. The suit described Warren as being in a vegetative state. The Associated Press reported that the suit alleges Blytheville officer Doyle Driskill violated Warren's civil rights. It also accuses the police officer of using an "arm bar" restraint, which resulted in the crushing of Warren's trachea. An attorney involved in the case has confirmed the lawsuit is still pending in federal court.

Arkansas Police Bodycam Video Shows Incident That Crushed Man's Windpipe, Left Him Brain-dead: 'Rayshawn Will Never Be Rayshawn Again' | U.S.