Mass Brawl Between Arkansas Steakhouse Customers Over Social Distancing

A video has emerged showing a fight break out between several people at a restaurant in Arkansas following an argument about social distancing. The clip shows the disorder which erupted at the Saltgrass Steakhouse in Little Rock on Saturday, June 27.

In the footage, one woman wearing a mask can be heard yelling, "You supposed to be six feet away from me," at another female, while a man attempts to keep them apart.

According to a police report, seen by KATV, one woman who was with her boyfriend told a man that he was sitting too close to them. Witnesses said the man, identified as a 56-year-old Louisiana resident, then purposely moved closer to the couple.

The woman in the mask then alleged that the other woman coughed on her. The woman in the mask also accused the couple of being racist towards them.

During an argument between the parties, the Louisiana man confronts the boyfriend, who then hits him over the head with a bottle. The footage shows a brawl between several people inside the restaurant.

WATCH: Saturday night dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse in Little Rock turned violent after one customer was upset about the lack of social distancing.
Hear from someone who saw it all go down tonight on @KARK4News and @FOX16News
Warning: profanity is used.

— Hunter Hoagland (@HunterHoagland) June 29, 2020

"All the restaurant employees were trying to help, they were just in shock like the rest of us," Seth Crews, who recorded the incident, told WANE.

Crews said the argument broke out into physical violence after the man seen wearing a U.S.A. shirt started pushing the boyfriend.

"The guy came up and was touching on his back and giving him a little shove and he just wasn't taking it and that's when it all started," said Crews.

Several people received minor injuries including cuts and bruises as a result of the fight.

Little Rock Police said no arrests were made, but warned those involved in the fight that they may still seek warrants for third-degree battery, reported KATV.

Crews said both groups should take responsibility for the argument which resulted in the fight.

"I think if just someone is telling you to stay away from them, you probably shouldn't get near them, and maybe if you don't want to get Coronavirus, don't go to a restaurant," Crews said.

Saltgrass Steakhouse has been contacted for comment.

(File photo) Hartsyard restaurant staff prepare for their first round of diners to arrive in Newtown on June 05, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. Video has emerged showing a fight breaking out between several people at a restaurant in Arkansas. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

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