Arnold Schwarzenegger as Green Guru?

Only last year, the idea of a U.S. politician lecturing Europe on green technology would have seemed bizarre. But that's exactly what California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did last week at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover for green IT products. "It doesn't make any sense for people to sit back and whine and complain about the economy slowing down," he said. "We have to be part of the solution … and green technology has a huge potential for that." The speech actually contained few surprises for the mostly German audience. The White House may be new to the cause, but high-tech firms (mainly Californian) have been chipping away at America's image as a green laggard, and drew big crowds at the fair. There's even evidence that German firms like Deutsche Telekom are looking to their U.S. operations for green innovation. (DT was "inspired by Schwarzenegger" to contribute to green initiatives, says spokesperson Marion Muhr.) Looks like Arnold may have just reinvented himself as a green guru.

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