'Arrow' Season 7 Episode 4 Makes Felicity Important Again

It's an amazing time to have stuck with Arrow for the years it really wasn't the best. Felicity, a character who defined Arrow in its early seasons, is finally getting some love and care in the writers room. Ever since she got wifed up by Oliver, her characer hasn't really evolved. She's maintained her Overwatch duties, of course, but she was largely sidelined as the new Team Arrow 2.0 developed and so far in Season 7, has been mostly confined to a caretaker role. Now, the season looks like it's going to be all about Felicity, instead of her constantly playing Oliver's therapist. Arrow Season 7 episode 4, "Level Two," puts her at the center the new Green Arrow mystery and the flash-forward storyline. Spoilers ahead.

felicity arrow season 7
Felicity in "Arrow" Season 7 episode 4, "Level Two." CW

The flash-forwards, explained

Roy and William are back in Star City after the rendezvous on Lian Yu. They find the abandoned Smoak Tech headquarters. William cracks a code Felicity left for him within a Rubik's Cube, and discovers a secret map of the Glades. But future Black Canary (Dinah Drake version) pops in. She clearly does not like Roy, and something definitely went down between he and Team Arrow. Roy mentions he "doesn't forgive so easily" and Dinah confirms the beef when she sasses him about why he returned. Turns out, "Star City fell when The Glades rose." Apparently someone Black Canary only refers to as "they" built a wall and established borders between The Glades and the rest of the city.

Is Felicity Dead?

William inquires about Felicity's whereabouts, since she presumably sent the clues, but FELICITY IS DEAD (probably not, let's be honest). To give credit where its due, though, this twist was a nice example of giving the [dark side of the] fanbase what they want but when they least expect it (in case you need a refresher). Oh, and Wild Dog's daughter Zoe is now a Black Canary, a mentee of Dinah's, so it seems. They are part of a vigilante resistance, one of the few left fighting to save Star City. But where is the rest of Team Arrow? Wild Dog wouldn't be "caught dead" in Star City these days, according to his daughter. No clues about Dig or Curtis.

Present Day

Okay so, the episode's flash-forward sequences are foreshadowed in the present day storyline. The new Green Arrow provides Wild Dog, Dig and Black Canary with some intel about who has been setting fires all over the Glades. The perp is someone named John Cortez, and he's working with a shell company called Pat Bane Holdings and another man named Marcus (if we heard that right on first watch). Basically, these people are burning down buildings in The Glades to buy them back and rebuild. This sounds a lot like the beginning to the future William and Roy are in right now. Whoever is responsible for the whole Glades plan (perhaps Diaz?) was never stopped, leading to the "death of Felicity," William's abandonment, and this whole drama with Roy 20 years in the future.

Revisiting the Past

Oliver probably wouldn't have stabbed a bunch of dudes last episode if he knew the punishment was psychotherapy. A new, admittedly compelling, doctor wants to basically "reprogram" him. One would assume this Dr. Parker works for Diaz and there is an ulterior motive. Or perhaps this is the one prison in America that actually does rehabilitation? The psycho-torture touches on Ollie's daddy issues, a suspicious mention of the bodyguard named Hackett who Robert Queen murdered on the liferaft after the Queen's Gambit sunk in the pilot episode, and another odd mention of Oliver's meditation skills that he learned in Hong Kong. All very oddly specific things to mention in one therapy session. There's actually quite a bit we don't know about Robert Queen, and it feels important.

Stray Thoughts

  • I know Felicity's probably not dead, but please let me have this, for at least a few weeks.
  • Was the new Green Arrow leaping up on the walls? Definitely a new skillset.
  • Who would have thought out of all people, Felicity would end up being friendly with Black Siren and Wild Dog, the former who tried to kill Oliver and the latter who put him in prison.
  • When Black Siren tells Felicity, "You are a lot more interesting than I thought." Really can't argue with that this season (too bad she dies in 20 years).