'Arrow' Season 7 Episode 5, 'The Demon,' Pulled a 'Prison Break'

Well, that was fun. Arrow Season 7 episode 5, "The Demon," released a dangerous, formerly dead Arrow character back into the wild. Only a handful of episodes into the season, there's already too many loose ends to count. And there weren't even any flash-forwards to keep track of this week. Here's what we're curious about heading into the next episode. Spoilers ahead!

arrow season 7 episode 5 the demon talia al ghul
Oliver and Talia meet once again. CW

What's the drug Diaz gave Talia?

Just when I thought Arrow couldn't get any better, it's turned into Prison Break... well, on a very small scale. I was half-expecting Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell to come in with the assist, and I almost wish the "Talia in prison" arc lasted longer. When she slipped into Oliver's prison cell, it felt like a hallucination. How did she survive the Lian Yu explosion?

Talia_Al_Ghul_arrow season 7 lexa doig
Talia is the person who urged Oliver to become the Green Arrow, giving him his first suit. CW

Turns out, a drug from Diaz saved her life. In exchange, she had to facilitate that prison attack on Oliver. Probably didn't take too much convincing, considering Oliver killed her father and left her for dead on a deserted island. There's a few clues about the drug—in the episode prior, Diaz took something that gave him super strength. He also created that drug that cured John Diggle's Lian Yu injuries.

What's on the flash drive?

By episode's end, Oliver and Talia are working together, just like old times. She trained him to become the Green Arrow and gifted him his first suit, urging him to right his father's wrongs by crossing off the names on "the list" of Star City's most evil people. It was cathartic to see the two slay an entire hallway of prison guards, only for Oliver to stay inside as Talia went to kill that evil doctor and give Felicity a flash drive containing all the evidence on Jarrett Parker's experiments.

team felicity arrow season 7 dinah laurel
Team Felicity working to get Ollie out of prison. CW

Who are Dr. Parker's experimentees?

As Team Felicity researches Dr. Paker, they learn they he had eight patients who "lost all sense of identity." Does that mean these patients are still alive? And if so, perhaps we'll learn more about them in the coming episodes.

How will prison change Oliver?

"Giving the monster an identity didn't contain the darkness it just gave it power. Separating into two selves, Hiding in the shadows, That was never the answer," Oliver tells Talia, before he decides to stay inside Slabside. He also realizes Felicity is working her magic outside prison walls, but still, old Oliver would have totally gone along with the prison break thing. What does this mean for the Green Arrow once Oliver gets out of prison?

diggle leaving arrow season 6
Oliver as Green Arrow and Diggle as Spartan. CW

What's that painting?

Dig and Curtis, now working at ARGUS, team up to take down a man named Malcolm Byrd. They do so successfully, but discover an encrypted image in the process. It's a painting by Jean-Leon Gerome called "Dante." No clue how or if this relates to Diaz or any of the seaon's ongoing mysteries.

What's next for Talia?

The final moments of the episode show Talia murdering Dr. Parker. Now that Talia has paid her debt to Diaz, where's she going next? Will she team back up with Diaz, or perhaps go after Roy, Thea and her sister Nyssa, in search of the remaining Lazarus Pits? It's anyone's guess, but Talia out and about is never a good thing.

What's Diaz want with Anatoly?

Things aren't looking good for Oliver's former number two. Diaz and The Silencer are in Russia and killed all Anatoly's Bratva men. The last scene shows Diaz strangling Anatoly. If this isn't the end for him, what does Diaz want?

Oliver_reunited_with_Anatoly arrow season 7
Oliver and Anatoly go way back to before Green Arrow was a thing. CW

Was that a Batwoman reference?

Talia gave the first Batman reference since news broke of Gotham City's debut in the Arrowverse. She said she landed in prison because she "ran afoul of an old foe in Gotham." That's a pretty clear nod to Batwoman or Batman. Who else?

Stray thoughts

  • Stanley is suspect. That meeting with Felicity was odd...
  • I miss Katie Cassidy, and Team Felicity is friendship goals.
  • Oliver fighting with new weapons was a great change of pace; it felt like old times.