'Arrow' Season 7 Trailer Introduces Yet Another Mystery Archer

Arrow Season 7 opens with Oliver Queen in jail. He's been there for months, and a new trailer shows what he's had to deal with in order to survive.

'Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters' by Mike Grell. DC

"There aren't any heroes in here," a prison guard tells Oliver, who kneels on the ground and looks up to the sky with his face cut, bruised and beaten. Back in Star City, a newscast says the Green Arrow has returned. The city government believes a vigilante is impersonating the Green Arrow.

The impersonator could easily be Roy or Dig, as they've both worn the Green Arrow suit many times before. But Rene seems genuinely confused as he picks up one of the arrows, so we can't rule out a brand new perp. It could even be this season's villain, Ricardo Diaz, who appears in the final moments of the trailer tormenting Felicity and Oliver's son, William (though that looks sort of like a dream sequence.)

This season will explore the Longbow Hunters, an organization led by Ricardo Diaz. The series already cast a few members of that group: Red Dart (played by Holly Eliss), Kodiak (played by Michael Jonsson), and The Silencer (played by Miranda Edwards). Not all were members of the Longbow Hunters in the comic books, though. Kodiak was in The Shield Clan of the Outsiders. The Silencer has ties to Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins.

ricardo diaz richard dragon longbow hunters arrow season 7
Ricardo Diaz was created by Dennis O'Neil and Jim Berry, first appearing in Green Arrow Vol 5 #23. DC

Diaz, who went by Dragon in the comics, has ties to The Question, Bronze Tiger, Huntress, Oracle and Lady Shiva, which presents some interesting opportunities for the show down the line. Formerly a member of the League of Assassins, Diaz founded the Longbow Hunters to fight against Green Arrow. Diaz is one of the most talented martial artists to come up against Arrow in the comics, and hopefully in the series too, using meditation to hone his skills.

Any theories after watching the trailer? Sound off in the comments. Arrow returns Oct. 15.