Arrowverse 'Elseworlds' Crossover Doing True Chicago Gotham City

No one knows which Earth Gotham City will exist on during the "Elseworlds" crossover, but we do know where it's located in real life. Arrowverse writer Marc Guggenheim took to Twitter to share the news that Wayne Enterprises exterior scenes will be filmed in downtown Chicago, the same city used for Dark Knight and Batman Begins. The Chicago Board of Trade was Wayne Enterprises headquarters in Batman Begins and the Richard J. Daley Center was its headquarters in The Dark Knight.

Gotham City will presumably serve as the setting for the debut of Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose. The CW plans to give the character her own spinoff series down the line, but for now needs to establish Gotham City. It is still unclear if Gotham City will exist inside the Arrowverse, or take place in an "Elseworld" outside of standard Arrowverse continuity. Though the latter seems like the answer, especially when you consider the choice to film in Chicago proper. All other CW shows film in Vancouver, and it would likely cost a lot of money to film a whole Batwoman series in Chicago. That being said, it is also unclear if the Batwoman show will take place in Gotham City or somewhere else.

If you can’t bring Wayne Enterprises to Vancouver, you bring Vancouver to Wayne Enterprises. #Elseworlds #Chicago @JamesBamford @carolinedries

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) November 1, 2018

Not much is known about the crossover plot. All we have to go on is a bunch of weird shit from Stephen Amell's Twitter, like him being The Flash and Grant Gustin being Green Arrow. Superman was spotted wearing a black costume, which is fishy. John Wesley Shipp is also sporting the '90s Flash costume in another…crossover absurdity at its finest. Any idea about what's happening? Sound off in the comments.

The Arrowverse crossover airs Dec. 9-11.