Artie Lange, Star of HBO's 'Crashing' Arrested Following Parole Violation

Artie Lange, comedian, radio personality and star of HBO's Crashing is once again in police custody following a parole violation, according to the Patch.

The former Howard Stern co-host was arrested on Tuesday while living at Freedom House, a Clinton, New Jersey-based halfway house and addiction treatment center. He's currently being held at the Essex County Jail. Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman for the Essex County prosecutor's office. said Lange "was taken into custody for failing to comply with the terms of his participation in the drug program."

Following his arrest, Lange was processed and expected to be held in the Essex County Correctional Facility until he a judge can reevaluate his case. The actor allegedly had his wits about him during the arrest and "appeared" sober, according to the Essex County Sheriff's Office.

Lange has been publically grappling with his drug addiction for some years, but the most recent string of addiction began in mid-2018. In June, Lange was placed on four years probation and comic entered rehab in early November 2018. He was released later that month. On December 14, 2018, Lange tested positive for cocaine, and a variety of other drugs in a court-mandated test. However, Lange was able to evade jail time following the December trial.

The actor was yet again arrested for drug possession on January 31, 2019. Following that arrest, Lange was forced by the courts to join a strict rehabilitation program, which is what landed him at the Freedom House addiction treatment center.

Since his January arrest, Lange had apparently been making progress. On May 15, a video circulated on Twitter showing Lange employed at a gas station as part of his rehabilitation program. In the video, Lange stated he only had 10 days left in the program and promised fans could see him on stage again soon. Lange also stated his affection for his former co-host, Howard Stern.

The mugshot from Lange's arrest reignited confusion about the actor's collapsed nose. According to comments made by Lange in the past, his nose appears "flattened" or "collapsed" due to the years of drug use and a botched attempt at snorting OxyCotin, where he accidentally inhaled shattered glass. The event destroyed his septum.

Lange previously starred on the HBO show, Crashing as a fictional version of himself. While fictitious, the show explored his real-life drug addiction during the second season's sixth episode.

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