How Old is Arya Stark? 'Game of Thrones' Episode 2 Has Fans Wondering

How old is Arya Stark? This week's Game of Thrones episode titled "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" was absolutely wild, but thats the question fans are asking after a very spicy Scene between her and Gendry.

This week was clearly intended to give us one last exposition episode before the final battle. We saw Brienne finally become a knight, the Hound get some closure and we now know why Tormund is such a badass (the answer is giant breast milk.) Still, none of those were as jaw-dropping as the first real sex scene of the season between Arya and Gendry, two of the series' longest running and youngest characters.

Arya and Gendry finally hooked up in Winterfell, something fans would not have thought we would see when the series began. Gendry, the always sooty blacksmith who just can't seem to find any time to wash his face managed to give Arya a custom built dragonglass staff to help her slay some White Walkers. But seeing Arya grow up in real-time, a lot of people seem to have the same question.

How Old is Arya Stark?

In Season One of Game of Thrones, Arya says that she is 11-years-old. Time seems to be moving at one year a season for the HBO show meaning that Arya is 18-years-old in season eight. In the books, Arya says that she is nine at the start, though the HBO series and George R.R. Martin's novels have divurged so Gendry and Arya may never meet again when the final books arrive.

It's not that crazy for fans to worry that something underage might be happening in Game of Thrones. Arya's sister, Sansa, was raped in season five by Ramsay Bolton when she was still underage. The Sansa/Bolton scene was not from the books, like this recent Arya/Gendry romance.

Viewers who have finished watching are already talking about the scene on Twitter, sharing their thoughts and questions about Arya's age.

Did you know that Arya was 18 years-old in the show, or did you think she was younger? Tell us in the comments.

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