'The Ascent': How to Save Your Progress

With a lengthy story and numerous side missions for you to sink your teeth into, The Ascent can take up quite a bit of your time.

As such, you will understandably want to make sure that your progress is being saved on a regular basis, so that you do not have to repeat entire swaths of the campaign all over again.

With that said, here is a guide to how to save your progress in The Ascent.

How Autosaving Works in 'The Ascent'

Thankfully, The Ascent utilizes a rather generous autosave function that activates after nearly every interaction. Whenever you hit a certain milestone in a quest, transition into a new area, or complete a transaction with the gunsmith, your progress will be recorded.

For extra peace of mind, you can even check when the last save occurred by trying to exit the play session itself. To do this, press the start button on your Xbox controller and navigate to the "quit to main menu" option.

When you click on this, a pop-up message will appear warning you that: "All unsaved progress will be lost", followed by a timestamp indicating when your last checkpoint was. Just be careful not to select "Ok" at this point if you are only testing the system out, otherwise you will lose your progress.

An example of one of these pop-ups can be seen below.

The Ascent Autosave Message
When you try to quit "The Ascent," a pop-up message will appear indicating the time since your last autosave. Curve Digital

Can You Manually Save in 'The Ascent'?

It is worth pointing out that there is no way to manually save in The Ascent, either through a menu option or through any kind of terminal. However, you can influence when the autosave will trigger by doing things like entering new zones of the archology or by speaking with merchants.

For example, heading over to the grafter in Cluster 13 and buying a fancy augmentation ought to do the trick. Alternatively, you could update your loadout, hitch a ride on the metro line, or just accept a quest from a nearby NPC. Any of these things should be enough to create a new checkpoint but, if that does not happen, the game seems to periodically autosave anyway.

Newsweek recently spoke to The Ascent's developers, Neon Giant, to find out more about how they constructed their dystopian world and how the game benefited from only having a small, 12-person studio behind it. The narrative directors also touched upon comparisons between their game and Cyberpunk 2077, noting that CD Projekt Red stole their thunder a little.

The Ascent is out now for PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It is also featured as part of the Xbox Game Pass Service.

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