Up From the Ashes

When the Twin Towers came down, they brought with them more than a million tons of concrete, steel--and 2,769 human beings. Oliver Stone's new movie ends with a chilling reminder: just 20 made it out. In stairwell B, a deafening wall of wind slammed a small group of people into an air pocket. Elsewhere in the rubble, Genelle Guzman McMillan spent 27 hours with her head pinned between two pieces of concrete. On Sept. 12, she became the last person pulled out alive. Here are 14 survivors: (Top row, left to right) Jeff Coniglio, Tom Canavan, Jim McGlynn, Tommy Falco, Michael Meldrum; (second row) Matthew Komorowski, Jay Jonas; (third row) Billy Butler, David W. Lim, McMillan, Salvatore D'Agostino; (fourth row) Bob Bacon, Mickey Kross; (bottom, center) Josephine Harris. Not pictured: John McLoughlin, Will Jimeno, Pasquale Buzzelli, Jamie Efthimiades, Richard Picciotto and a still-unidentified man who escaped with Canavan.