Asian Woman's Pet Cat Killed in Vicious Attack from Cruel Family on Walk

An Asian woman and her boyfriend are speaking out for the first time since they and their pets were brutally attacked by a cruel family whose blows ultimately led to their cat's death on Easter Sunday.

ChaRee Pim wrote about the interaction on her Facebook account on Monday, noting that it had not happened to her and that she was only posting because the Thai woman involved was ready to speak up on the matter.

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Pim wrote that the couple took their dog, two cats and bird for an evening stroll on April 4 in a Brooklyn park when a boy approached them. A boy believed to be about 12 years old "snatched and pulled the [cat's] leash up ... into the air" before dropping the cat. The cat tried to get away but the boy allegedly stepped on the leash.

The cat, also known as Ponzu, managed to get away, but when his owners realized his back was bloodied, they turned their attention to the suspect. He ran to his family and according to Pim, the mother began verbally berating the couple.

"You don't blame me, you're the one who was wrong. Why did you take a cat [for a] walk?" she allegedly said. "This is what you [get] when you walk you f*****g cat b***h!"

Pim wrote that the family then began physically assaulting the couple and their pets. "Everything happened so fast!" she said.

A report from Greenpointers identified the Asian woman as Suchanan Aksornnan, better known as Chef Bao Bao online.

"The family not only did not offer any apology nor remorse," Aksornnan told the outlet. "They immediately began a verbal abuse which escalated into a physical assault. I got punched and kicked by three women." Her boyfriend sustained a broken nose and needed surgery the next day, she added.

Ponzu's official Instagram confirmed that between his injuries in the park and his preexisting heart condition, he had passed away shortly after the fight. He was only three years old.

"We are traumatized, lost for words, heartbroken," the caption read. "Our family got physically assaulted that day and there is a pending police investigation to find and charge the perpetrators who showed no empathy for animals nor humans."

"The emotional stress and heartache from losing our beloved cat is tormenting us to this day," Aksornnan told Greenpointers.

The couple has filed an official police report, although Pim claimed in her Facebook post that over the two weeks since the incident, it has been passed to three different detectives.

Captain Kathleen E. Fahey with the 94th Precinct confirmed to Greenpointers that the case is currently "under investigation."

"Anyone who may have witnessed the incident is asked to call the 94 Precinct Detective Squad, if they have not already done so," she added.

Aksornnan also claimed the incident has left a profound impact on her "traumatized" pets that did survive. On Ponzu's Instagram, she wrote that her family was "not prepared for the way he left this world."

"Ponzu was one of a kind, special. We fell in love with him from the first sight," the post added. "And he brought joy and smile to millions across the globe."

While police did not indicate whether or not this was being investigated as a hate crime, attacks on Asian Americans have been on the rise. Earlier this month in Brooklyn, an Asian woman's hair was pulled in a shocking daylight attack. Another video from last week shows the aftermath of a Black man pushing an Asian man into a glass storefront.

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A woman and her pets were viciously attacked on Easter, and the injuries one cat sustained ultimately led to his death. Hristo Rusev/Getty Images