Aspen Lunch Receipt Totaling $27,000 Sparks Fury—'Half My Teacher Salary'

A receipt from a restaurant in an Aspen ski town has sparked fury online after it totaled $27,841.70.

The receipt consisted mainly of champagne sprays, in which the alcohol is sprayed over guests rather than drunk.

After being shared to popular Subreddit "Anti Work," the receipt created backlash, with comparisons of how the money compares to the wages of others.

Reddit user "Puzzleheaded_Bear_58" initially posted the receipt to Subreddit "Facepalm," explaining that they found it posted on a local Facebook page.

The receipt totaled $27,841.70, with the high scorers showing as 125 Veuve (presumably Veuve Clicquot) champagne sprays totaling $17,000, followed by one bottle of Veuve at $1,500, two bottles of Entourage at $950, one bottle of Dom Perignon at $625 and a large seafood tower at $225.

A smaller bottle of Entourage, three more bottles of Veuve, a small seafood tower, an IPA, a Coke, 11 Bud Lights and 10 trucker hats made up the smaller, yet still pricey, expenses.

The 20 percent gratuity added to the bill came to $4286.20 alone.

"I'm judging them on the fact that they bought 17k of champagne to spray and grabbed 10 trucker hats on the way out," wrote the poster. "I promise you, I know these people. Everyone who lives in a wealthy ski town does. They are a dime a Dozen and just as predictable."

In Aspen, the ski-resort city in Colorado which hosts tourists looking to spend time on the slopes and seemingly spray one another with expensive champagne, the average individual income is $45,535, as per the 2019 U.S. census.

The average Aspen household income is $78,292.

It wasn't until the receipt was shared to "Anti Work" that it caused intense backlash online, garnering over 14,000 upvotes, with users responding in shock to the extortionate tab.

"The same people who say five dollar coffees and Netflix are unnecessary luxuries turn around and spend their money like this," shared a Reddit user. "Remember, you have to go without so that they can live like this."

Reactions appeared unanimously against the spending, with comparisons of just how "life-changing" such an amount of money could be for most.

"This amount of money would be literally life changing for the vast majority of us," commented one user.

"This is about half my teacher salary. If I spent that much money in one outing, I would vomit with anxiety," added another.

One user claimed: "Give me all the money in the world and I still wouldn't spend it like that."