Susan Miller and Other Celeb Astrologists Are Predicting 'Unprecedented Chaos' With the New Moon

When you're voting, make sure to follow all the instructions carefully—even using the correct color ink if its specified. So goes the advice of Susan Miller, who bases such a warning on the fact that the universe will actually be aligned for chaos, communication mistakes, and possibly even volatility this Election Day. And she does technically mean "aligned," being Miller is one of the country's preeminent astrologists, who will celebrate twenty-five years of her popular online site's launch this December.

She's also far from the only Astrologer concerned about what their readings are telling them. "It's very telling that one of the most controversial presidential elections is happening during such a tense astrological year," said Jade Sykes, a celebrity astrologer, whose clients include the singers SZA and Kehlani, and who offers advice on Twitter, @iJaadee.

susan miller
Astrologist Susan Miller at New York City's Henri Bendel Boutique on September 10, 2010. Steve Mack/Getty Images for Henri Bendel

While new moons traditionally mean rebirth, this one is a little bit different. As Miller told Newsweek, "This new moon is a tough one and you're going to be asked to swallow certain dictates that you don't like."

The troublesome new moon tonight will see Mars challenging the new moon, which will be in conflict of the already worrying combination Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. This new moon phase lasts for a 28-day-cycle. In other words, just past the election.

Mercury Retrograde in July Marks a Summer of Reflection
The planet Mercury in a photo taken by NASA's Messenger spacecraft in 2008. NASA via Getty Images

There's a good chance you don't know what any of that means. But you probably have heard of Mercury Retrograde at some point. That puts our very own home of planet Earth in flux with the one closest to the sun. Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, co-founder of politically-minded Zodiac the Vote organization, explained it further: "Mercury is the planet that governs filling out forms, getting informed, using the mail, reading instructions, and the process of tracking ballots: basically everything voting related. Unfortunately, it's retrograde from October 13th until November 3rd, 2020, and this means that leading up to the election it's going to be influenced by misinformation, misunderstandings, tech troubles, and delays that will not only be hectic, but make it likely that we will have uncertain results of the election itself, potentially until November 19th, when the retro shade has passed." Miller also doubts we'll have a clear winner immediately following the closing of the polls, and maybe we won't really know until the end of the month.

"Saturn is the planet of authority, representing people and things in positions of power. This includes superpower countries like the US and world leaders like the US President. Pluto, the planet of force, destruction, and extremes, will amplify or destroy whatever it touches," Sykes also wrote to Newsweek via email. "What this tells us is that the next US President will truly represent a crisis point for America. It's do or die. They will either lead the country into greater power than before the pandemic, or the US will see a cataclysmic period unlike any other."

In other words: Yikes.

However, not all astrologers predict such a gloomy forecast for the election. Samuel F. Reynolds, of, serves on the board of directors for the International Society for Astrological Research and the Astrology News Service, and he's a co-founder of the International Society of Black Astrologers. He told Newsweek, "Mercury is a trickster. And it's wholly possible that our concern about voting and this election may be overwrought. And that's the trick. We may, indeed, have a clear winner on Election Day. But the ensuing chaos may be more about relatively useless contestation by the losing candidate that likely won't add up to much, ultimately."

But before you get too comfortable, you have Halloween to consider. Not so much about whether you're worrying if it's appropriate to dress your 3-year-old daughter in a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin costume, but the Full Moon. Susan Miller considers it a "severe" full moon that will result in a "volatile, very bad night." In fact, she says people should avoid not only traveling but going out at all unless necessary. Miller notes it's three days before the election, so around the time of the full moon could be an "October Surprise" that commonly pops up during major elections.

However, once we make it past the full moon, Mercury Retrograde, AND the new moon phase, things should look up, at least astrologically speaking. This December 21, comes a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, an event that occurs only once every twenty years. (A conjunction is when the cycle of two planets' dynamics ends and begins.) This conjunction is referred to as the "Great Mutation." It will set into motion a series of consecutive 20-year conjunctions in air signs that will continue until 2159. Astrologists predict this to be a great era of technological advances and prosperity. So, just hang in there for a couple of months...