Jaroslav Bobrowski knows a good deal when he sees one. Accordingly, an all-you-can-eat offer at one sushi restaurant is no longer available to him.

The triathlete follows a special diet in which he fasts for 20-hour periods. So when he does sit down for dinner, he tries to make up for lost time.

But after devouring a staggering 100 plates at the Running Sushi restaurant in Landshut, Germany, as part of its $26 buffet deal, the restaurant declared him persona non grata.

"When I went to the checkout, I wanted to tip, but the waiter did not want to accept that. I'm banned from now on because I'm eating too much. I was stunned," the 30-year-old Iron Man competitor said.

On TripAdvisor, images from the restaurant show an average of three pieces of sushi on each plate.

Jaroslav Bobrowski was banned from the Running Sushi restaurant in Landshut, Bavaria because of his huge appetite.Jaroslav Bobrowski via Facebook.

Depending on the serving, a piece of sushi contains, according to fatsecret.com, an average of 40 to 50 calories. This means that Bobrowski could have consumed around 4,000 calories in the one sitting. Eater reported that he may have eaten as much as 18 pounds of sushi.

Bobrowski is 5'7", weighs 174 pounds and has less than 10 percent body fat.

Restaurant owner Tan Le told Bild: "This is not normal, how much he eats. I myself am dead after 13 plates, but he always took five or seven plates at a time, so there was a gap on the sushi carousel and the other guests asked if we had skimped on the fish.

"I want to win customers and not offend any guests. But at €15.90 for unlimited sushi, we only earn money on the drinks and he only consumed one tea the whole evening," he added.

Bobrowski has now been dubbed 'Sushi Man' for his exploits, which have gone viral in Germany. He did go back to the restaurant to apologize but will now take his custom to different buffet restaurant nearby, called China City.

However, he has learned his lesson and will now modify his behavior.

"At the beginning, the owner has asked me to drink more. I totally understand," he told Bild.