What Disney Has Said About Making an 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' Live Action Movie

While Disney animations are often hugely successful at the box office, the studio has recently turned to live action, such as Mulan and The Little Mermaid. But when it comes to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the picture is a little more murky.

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the 2001 hit animated movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Disney tweeted: "20 years ago today, Milo Thatch journeyed to Atlantis. Happy anniversary to this epic 2001 adventure! #DisneyDecades"

Aside from this, Disney has not been outspoken about the film in recent years, with rumors of a live-action remake being purely "on the internet," according to the film's original co-director Kirk Wise.

Speaking to Movieweb last year, Wise said: "I've heard, so far, the only rumor of Atlantis being tackled as a live-action movie has been strictly on the internet. I haven't gotten any independent corroboration of that."

His co-director Gary Trousdale, in fact, suggested the complete opposite was true, and Disney had no plans to remake Atlantis.

He added: "I've actually heard the opposite, that at the last big convention where Disney rolls out their five-year plan [D23 Expo], that Atlantis was not on the docket...

"My completely objective and non-varnished opinion is that the animated ones are better anyway - every single one of them. But that's just me."

Their responses came after it was reported by The Illuminerdi that a live-action remake was in the works, with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland in the starring role. The co-directors debunked this quickly, but Walt Disney Studios has not officially commented.

Newsweek has contacted Walt Disney Studios for comment.

The original film saw Michael J. Fox voice Milo, a young linguist who comes across a sacred book, which he believes will take him to the lost city of Atlantis along with his crew of mercenaries.

Other voice actors included John Mahoney, Cree Summer and Leonard Nimoy, but the film's planned follow-up TV show and theme park ride was cancelled.

The film spawned one sequel, Atlantis: Milo's Return, which went direct to video.

Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the 2001 film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Fans have been calling for a live action remake as they celebrate the film's 20th anniversary. Disney

After Disney shared it's 20th anniversary message, fans of the movie replied asking for more Atlantis content, with sequels and TV series in the requests.

Others thought this movie could benefit from the "live action treatment."

User @iggoism wrote: "The animated Disney films from the Disney Renaissance Era are the most risky and difficult ones to live up to, but this and Treasure Planet are one of those which might get even more improved in a live-action treatment. So please, soon!"

User @NathKmf agreed, adding: "I wish this movie along with Treasure Planet would get live action adaptations, they're amazing."

A third user, @lc81391, wanted an even more specific remake, including a Marvel actor in the lead.

The user added: "Live action with @TomHolland1996 please!"

Many more called the film "underrated" and shared their desire for it to be better acknowledged by the studio which made it.